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Spidey: Back in Black

So starting a log. I have another one that is dead from a year or so ago. But new journey, new log.

Also here’s the link to a thread I updated following yours truly during a small bulk, and a 10-week cut.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Spidey. I’m currently going to start reverse dieting, and in the next year or so get much bigger, stronger, and leaner then I was before.

Recent picture to show where I’m at. So what are my goals for this log? I’ll go ahead and break them down by category.

Reverse diet back up to substantial calorie/carb intake
Will be starting with macros of 220/125/60 P/C/F for right now
Going to continue to IF until calories are higher
Keep Bf in check, never venturing to far past mid-teens

Actually get strong in the Big 4 or their variations. Been training for mostly pumpzzz for awhile, but based on 1RM calculators and such lifts are roughly mid-100’s/mid-200’s/high-300’s/low-400’s for OHP, Bench, Squat, and DL. I haven’t given Flat BB Bench any love in some time, so hopefully that’ll shoot up quick. Will being doing High Bar Oly Squats, and probably a Rack Dead variation because my university gym is the ghey.

I’m 6’2", 191 lbs in this last picture. Would like to fill out my frame a good deal, will probably in the end need me to be around 230 ish to even look kind of big, but that’s a good deal down the line probably. Would really like to put size everywhere, but chest, lats, tris, and hams need a lot of work.

Going to be incorporating more sprinting, jumping, rowing, biking, etc to try and not only maintain some leanness, but also get more ‘athletic’. I’m really unexplosive, and I’d like to change that. Will be foam rolling a minimum of 3x a week, and overall just adjust my training to I don’t feel like a stiff.

Excited here guisssss


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Ohh yay friends!

So Friday, I did some Paused Front Squats. I use a clean grip, and haven’t Front Squatted since, dang… like April? Well today I pressed, and my wrists were just shot. So kept it a bit light.

Ohh btw, I right my stuff like weights x sets x reps

So 225x3x8 means 225 lbs for 3 sets of 8, for example.


Flat Bench: Gosh this felt awkward having not done it in so long. Just tried to nail form, be explosive. But wrists were dumb.

Floor Press: 2 second pause at the bottom.

CGBP: grip width is quite narrow, about half a thumbs’ length away from the smooth in the middle

Rear Delt Flies: Controlled, squeeze at the top

Lateral Raises: 10 full ROM, strict reps, with 20 partials after each set

Rope Pushdowns: Flare elbows at the bottom, milked the eccentric

DB Overhead Extension: Really finished my triceps off

Good workout, but right now just kind of winging it. Right now just basically doing 40 minutes of strength work, 20 minutes of pump shit.

May end up working with someone for my programming, because I suck at it. lol

I recommend undulating wrist wrap use. It’ll provide for connective tissue recovery under stimulus.

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[quote]spar4tee wrote:
I recommend undulating wrist wrap use. It’ll provide for connective tissue recovery under stimulus.[/quote]

That’s what I do. I do my warm-ups without them. Then usually I have a rule that I can only do 3 sets with them. So if I do 6 sets of a lift, first 3 have to be sans wraps.


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FTR that is my favorite rep/set notation

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game time[/quote]

Will be following along man. Enjoyed the last one a lot.

Welcome back buddy. Welcome back to where you belong.

Lets do this.


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