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Spiderman Movie.

I haven’t been on the boards for a while and I’m sure there have been posts about it but…here’s another one. I saw it last Monday and I thought it was pretty good. Some good action and special effects, cool to see Spide in the flesh so to speak. Although some of the effects looked obviously computer generated. The thing that pissed me off the most was about 3 scenes in the movie. Namely all 3 between Peter and Mary Jane. Horrible horrible dialogue. “When I look in your eyes I feel strong, weak, I don’t know what I feel, I feel safe blah blah blah”. WTF is that??? It was just so so bad. I wanted to put a gun to my head. Or call Mr.Blonde from Reservior Dogs. The acting in those scenes was shit too. Not because of the actors but that dialogue noone could do right. Next thing every single person in this movie is dumber than Lois Lane. What do I mean? Well Peter is shooting webs in the school cafe, doing back flips, super strong and fast and noone puts two and two together? The last one is minor but this bugged me in planet of the apes too. Peter punches Flash and he goes flying like 20 feet away. Guess what he’s okay the next day. I’m think buddy would have some broked ribs. Yeah I’m a nerd. :slight_smile:

The dialog was weak at some points. I did read that the script took 9 rewrites from the screenwriter. The good news is that he is not coming back and that they hired new writers for Spiderman II. Also movie-mistakes.com has a list of errors on this movie and looks like it gonna be the all time champ. Even with all the mistakes and some cheesy dialog, I really enjoyed this movie. I also have a bet with a co-worker, I don’t think the new Star Wars is going to beat Spiderman’s 3 day record of $114 million, even with all the fans waiting up to 2 weeks in line to get tickets. Who would take time off work and wait 2 weeks in line to go see a movies that will be out in video 3 months later?

you gotta remember this is hollywood.

im pretty sure star wars is going to beat the living shi* out of spiderman. just my opinion though

What really pissed me off is that they made Spiderman seem as if he was stalking Mary Jane then at the end when he could have gotten some pussy he didn’t. I know Mary Jane wasn’t even his love interest in the comic book for awhile, but if a hot girl wants to play hide the weenie, any guy will take it.

David Koepp is the screenwriter. Some of his past screenplays are: The Shadow, Mission Impossible, Jurrassic Park (1 & 3), Death Becomes Her and more recently, Panic Room. The dialogue between Peter and MJ was definitely shaky - but if you REALLY, REALLY listen, you’ll notice one thing: It was as if the words were lifted out of a comic book. Try reading a comic book out loud - it can be pretty “cheesy”. I believe that is the effect Mr. Koepp and Raimi wanted.

Consistency (in storytelling) has not been a major force in his work, that's for sure.

I totally agree. I saw the movie last night and when I was telling my co-workers about it today, I said word for word what you said in your question. pretty good movie but, straight cheese between the two. “when you look into your eyes…” was ok for about the first two lines and then it just kept going and going. And at the end he could have at least kissed her!!! Who knows.Not bad though, and you have to think comic book, and little kids are in the theatre.

I saw it last night and it was pretty good. I’ll probably rent it when it comes out on video, but not buy the DVD. I HATE good actions movies that throw in a cheesy love story. At least at the end of Die Hard the woman punches the reporter…

That said, yes, the dialogue was bad, but did anyone else notice that Spiderman's chin did not move when he spoke in costume? That was the most obvious flaw to me. Hanging upside down from his line, I thought it was an actor, not the animation.. then his chin didn't move. Too bad, because I was fooled until then.

Sure, at some points you sould tell it was animation, but that was some DAMN FINE animation! I'd recommend everyone see it in the theater, and make sure it's one of the ones with a good sound system. (I didn't get that) This one is not going to translate well into home viewing.

I really enjoyed the movie despite the obvious flaws. “Suspension of Disbelief” covers most of them but not all of them. The thing that bothers me is when Tobey McGuire talks about transforming his body into this buff superheroic body we see in the movie. He looks like he’s a 140 lbs soaking wet. It’s almost as bad as Sylvester Stallone’s body in Rocky III. Remember he weighed in that fight he lost to Clubber Lang at any out of shape 210 lbs (but was really like 145 lbs). Then he under goes the old school training with Apollo Creed and is supposed to be an incredible buff 190 lbs (mean while he’s 145 lbs with 14" arms). Sure he’s cut up but he’s tiny. Sly being a Rambo/tough guy has always bothered me.

Lifted from a comic book??? No I’m sorry that was lifted from used tolit paper. That was the worst fucking dialogue ever. Yes some comics have bad dialogue…I consider them bad comics. Most that I read right now are about 95% good dialogue. The odd crappy line is okay. But that never ending horse shit in the hosiptal scene was beyond bad. :slight_smile:

you are correct. star wars will not break the record this weekend. episode 2 will be opening on aproximatly 1500 fewer screens than spiderman opened on. Lucas was very selective about which theaters could show Clones. He has said he prefers not to show the movie in theaters without digital sound

Too bad they had to remove the scene with the helicopter and the World Trade Center towers. I guess they thought people would get too emotional to see these being used for the purpose of good versus evil.