Spiderman 3

I will be going to the movie tonight(12:01 am showing) and will write a review of it as soon as I get back.

This will contain spoilers.

I’m catching the 12:01 as well.

Can’t wait.

Well this is the spoilers I have so far.

Venom kills Harry osborn by throwing part of a crane into him
Venom and sandman team up at the end
sandman is defeated by being forgiven by spiderman, he just leaves after he’s forgiven
Spiderman and GG2 team up at the end
Harry osborns face is messed up by the bomb spiderman throws in his face

those are gigantic spoilers. amazing movie though. very different from the first two yet still makes sense

[quote]John S. wrote:
Well this is the spoilers I have so far.

Venom kills Harry osborn by throwing part of a crane into him
Venom and sandman team up at the end
sandman is defeated by being forgiven by spiderman, he just leaves after he’s forgiven
Spiderman and GG2 team up at the end
Harry osborns face is messed up by the bomb spiderman throws in his face

Why give spoilers without any analysis? Just to be a dick?

Way too much plot for one movie. The parts that revolved around Harry - grade A stuff. Every time he was on the screen the movie got better.

Peter’s inner struggle - also grade A material. The scenes with evil Peter Parker were probably some of the best of the franchise. The fights between Harry and Peter were both great in how different they were.

The inclusion of Sandman and Gwen Stacey made no sense to me, and they both seemed completely unnecessary.

And on to Venom - as a huge fanboy of Venom I made a point to not see a single screen shot or trailer containing him, and boy am I glad i did, because I don’t think I would have seen the movie if I knew how shitty he looked.

  1. Venom is supposed to be huge, not Topher Grace with shoulder pads.
  2. Venom is supposed to hate Peter Parker more than any villain has ever hated a hero. They did a pretty lousey job of making us believe that.
  3. Venom has a super-bad voice and refers to himself as “we”. He does not have the voice of Topher Grace but slightly deeper.
  4. Venom is the coolest looking Spider-man villain (maybe villain, period). His huge mouth with enormous teeth and big head with huge white eye marks are his most distinguishing traits. He does not have a tiny head with stupid looking eyes and and a tiny mouth.

Sorry about the length, but I’m pretty dissappointed with what I saw. The trilogy should have ended with more Harry-centric movie, and the second trilogy should have revolved aroundthe symbiote. Just one fans opinion though (even if I write it to sound like fact).

i absolutely hated the movie. i was so bored with all the filler shit they put in it. yea… we need a plot, but a lot of it seemed unnecessary, and i dont remember any of it from the comics. like all the dancing bull shit. and why was there so much crying?

also, i know pete is supposed to be a nerd… but they made him a lot dorkier and much more tacky than the other movies. granted, the tacky comments were cool in the comics and show, but these seemed over the top and if we are suppsosed to be making a sequel, it should follow in the same manner as th ones prior.

venom was not AS bad as i thought he would be. they did make him bigger… but i missed his crazy voice and saying “we”. plus he hardly ever talked… just tried to kill pete! and where was the tongue??? that was a huge thing for him…

i, for one, was extremely disappointed with the movie. i might watch again on DVD when it comes out just to see if maybe i was being to critical (i was pretty tired)…

The review I read this morning by Richard Roeper does not sound promising. Kirsten Dunst singing…that’s enough to put me off right there. I’ve never liked the Mary Jane character–too whiny and vapid.

Was the best movie in the series.

Starts out with peter going to the play you listen to MJ sing, You see harry at the play too(looks like he’s stalking down Peter). Fast forward about 10 mins and there at the park, while there making out a meteore crashes, venom come out of the meteore, attaches himself to the scooter and they drive off, next we get harry comming out of the chamber(used by gg1).

we see some stuff with sandman and his daughter(hes not sandman yet). flash forward peter goes and talks with his aunt, gets the wedding ring, on his way back home gets attacked by gg2, in the fight Peter knockes him out, almost kills him so when Harry wakes up his short term memory is shot, he thinks there still friends and it goes on like that for a good half hour.

while that was taking place we see a scene where sandman becomes sandman. Also in this time we see spiderman saving The commisiones daughter from a building accident.(You will have to excuse me it was late last night can’t remember exact order each of these events took place should be in right order tho).

Now were at a thank spidey day, hes up at the podium and kisses another girl in front of MJ. Sandman then starts attacking(he was provoked), peter fights him and sandman gets away.
They go to a resturant later that night she gets pissed at him, a few funny events happen and thats the end of that scene.

Then they get a call about how sandman is his Uncles real killer. A few things happen and Bam spiderman gets his black suit. He then goes off and fights(and believe’s hes killed) sandman.

Flash forward a bit, Now with that cocky attitued he ends up exposing Eddie for a fake photo of spiderman stealing from a bank(Him and eddie where competing for a position). Around this time too he gives a piece of the venom suit to Doc connors, He then takes off the black suit and locks it in a chest.

Now lets move on to Mj, she was fired from her job as a Broadway preformer and gets a job as a waitress at a jazz bar. She then calls up harry, they hang out and she kisses him, then runs out of his house. Harry then gets his memory back and goes evil again.

Next scene we have peter trying to call mj and appologize for what happend that night at the resturant, while she is racing for the phone GG2 slams her up against the wall and tells her she needs to do something or else Peter and her are dead.

We move on to a scene where Mary and Peter are at a bridge and they break up because Harry told her to say it, then she tells him theres another man(to completely put that knife in his heart).

Now Peter and Harry are at a coffie shop and Harry tells Peter hes the other man, Peter the runs out, turns around see’s Harry smile then Harry dissapears(remember hes super fast and strong). Peter then puts on the black suit, goes up to Harrys apartment they have a fight, and at the end Harry gets his own Grenade thrown back at him, we see Peter walk off.

Next we see Peter go to the jazz bar with the commisoners daughter(really wish I could remember her name). Now what happens next im usually not a big fan of but it worked, theres this dance scene, at the end the commisoners daughter realizes that he was dancing for MJ and she leaves.

Peter then trys to talk to MJ, the bouncers come up and peter puts one into the wall holding him up hits another one, then MJ did something that was not smart and ran up behind him, he swings around and accedently hits her.

Now Peter goes emo mode and goes to a church tower, Eddie brock is there and hes asking God to kill peter. While peter is trying to fight off Venom he hits the church bell and weakens him, at the same time eddie hears it and goes to investagate. a few things happen and eddie is now VENOM(he will be called this for the rest of the summery).

Next thing we see is peter give back the ring to his aunt may saying hes not ready yet. a few minor things happen. Then we see Venom swinging through town, gets hit by sandman(on purpose) makes a deal with him and now the ending is set up.

They capture MJ, and draw spidey out to fight(using the media). Spidey then goes to Harry’s house and trys to make a deal with him to help(Harrys face is messed up right now he does have some basic regen powers but only plastic surgury could help a face like that). Harry refuses, and while spiderman if going off to fight them the buttler comes in and says his dad died by his own hands and that he should help peter.

Now to set up what the situation is like, there at a construction site, and MJ is in a taxi, thats webbed a few hundred feet int he air, theres a dump truck about 30 feet higher.

Peter gets to the cab but as hes about to save MJ gets kicked by Venom(and this kick sends him through the top half of the car(you will half to see it to get the visual). As Peter is getting back up Venom says some things, they take off fighting, what happens after about 30 seconds is venom has his hands webbed down on top of his web(venoms huge web thats holding everything up).

the dumptruck is breaking free and a few cement blocks fall off, MJ grabs one and throws it at venoms head, this gives peter enough time to break free and hit him a few times, while there fighting again The taxi starts to give way, she jumps out of the cab as it gets crushed by the dump truck, so the web is about to break.

Peter is kicked to the ground where then sandman then gets really big and he must then fight him and venom, a few things happen but what ends up is on a support beam peters laying there Venom is behind it with a web over Peters neck, sandman hits Peter a few times, right before the killing blow happens Harry comes in and blows off most of sandmans head.

They form an alliance, Peter fights Venom, Harry fights Sandman, They do some tag team stuff and start beating the crap out of the villans, MJ then decides its a good time to fall so they both get destracted and half to save her.

Once she is saved they then in turn start getting there asses kicked by the villans, Harry beats sandman but at the same time Peter is getting his ass handed to him by Venom, Harry comes in trying to save peter, but stupidly puts his board’s blades out and gets kicked off his board. Venem then tries to use the blades to kill peter but right before he strikes peter harry jumps in the way and gets stabbed.

Peter then gets pissed, use’s his mind and realizes that Extream sound hurts him, uses these poles and creates alot of sound, pulls Eddie out of venom, grabs a GG grenade and tosses it at venom, eddie jumps in to save venom but the both get blown up.

Now we go to this scene, harry dies, after that sandman walks up the peter, peter forgives him for killing his uncle and sandman dissapears in hope of trying to save his daughter from her sickness(they never explain her sickness tho). Theres a funeral for harry.

Then peter goes to the jazz bar and wins MJ back.

A things You have to pay attention to the movie or else you will miss.

Venom is not completely dead, a piece of him is at doc connors lab(Can you say Carnage and Venom for next movie?)

Overall I give this movie a 8.5 out of 10.

Im sorry for the few spelling errors.

I thought that the film had its problems but certainly not without any positives.

As a side note to everything else I liked who there seemed to be more innocent bystander involvement. Collateral damage is very Sam Rami.

Raimi wanted to do a vulture/sandman story, or sandman + another villian, and probably wanted to use JJ’s son from sm2 for bringing back the symbiote, but im sure the execs wanted to include venom and other things and wanted him speed things up by not explaining the symbiote, which imo is a BIG mistake.

Plus we dont even see an enraged spidey going nuts on civilians, being too violent on crooks who steal boxes of candy from a convient store, now THAT would have been excellent.

I’ve never been happy with Tobey Maguire and thinking Topher would be better. And, I know there was a certain undercurrent on the internet about Topher being better too. In fact, some were saying that he should be the new Spiderman after Tobey leaves. Then he was cast as Venom.

It was a deliberate move on Sam’s part. He was sick of people dissing the casting of Tobey, so he cast Topher as an underwhelming version of Venom just so he could NEVER EVER be cast as Spider-man in a future movie. It pisses me off.
Sidenote did anyone else notice the newspaper clipping saying “DOC OCK SPOTTED” or something to that effect.

I liked the movie, a little too much crying and emo spidey dancing down the street. Seemed they tried too hard to make it funny.

So are they going to make SM4?

If they do make a sp4, probably doc oc is back with the kingpin and his henchmen. I don’t think they can make a really good movie after this, though.
They closed too many things up at the end of 3.

They really did mess up with venom.
It’s almost as if venom hadn’t completely bonded with brock yet.
Also, brock gets vaporized at the end so it seems we won’t be seeing any improvement on venom.
That little peice turning into carnage would be pretty cool.
Maybe it gets a hold of spideys DNA left in the lab somehow and presto, you’ve got carnage.

Actually Venom is not dead, remember the piece back at Doc connors lab.

[quote]John S. wrote:
Actually Venom is not dead, remember the piece back at Doc connors lab.[/quote]

Explosions never killed him before anyway. They left that wide open.

I can see being underwhelmed at the amount of intentional tear jerking. It was a little overdone. What I don’t understand the extremely negative takes on it when truthfully, this one was better acted out than the other two.

The Sandman did his part well and came across believably as not a “straight villain” but someone who always does the wrong shit at the wrong time. That actually made him more believable. Topher didn’t do a bad job at all. I am disappointed that Venom wasn’t as substantial as he has ALWAYS been in the comics and the cartoons. He’s massive. However, to bitch about the voice when the symbiote had JUST taken control of him is a little over the top.

Either way, this was a decent movie. They could have left out some of the tears, bulked up Venom (or found someone else completely to play him…

but then they should have probably gotten someone besides Tobey to play Spiderman to begin with), and avoided making this Gwen’s first appearance, but honestly, what do you expect from a MOVIE? this isn’t a long running tv series here. There is only so much you can do in under 3 hours that would do the entire 40+ year history any justice at all.

I thought it was good, though the Mary-Jane time got old real quick. I thought Harry was “over the top” in 1 & 2, but thought he was the best of the bunch (along with Jameson) in this one. Topher wasn’t as disappointing as I had anticipated.

It was entertaining.


First off, I didn’t like it at all. It’s the first time Raimi let me down.

The movie moved WAY too fast. The black Spidey meant nothing. It wasn’t given enough time to develop any meaning. The WHOLE movie should have been about getting the symbiote and the effects it had on him and his life.

Then the sub-plot should have been the Sandman and the Sandman should have been developed a HELL of a lot more. Brock’s growing hatred for Peter should have also been developed through out the whole movie and “Venom” should have been saved for the next installment.

It seems as if they aren’t/weren’t sure if 4 was/is happening and tried to give us Venom. He seems like a great after thought to the whole story and a late write-in. It’s unfortunate because they had a great storyline with Spidey and the symbiote and what it makes him become. Everything was way to rushed.

The ending should have been Spidey getting rid of the suit and THEN, after building up Brock with proper character development, introducing Venom slightly.

I wanted to be entertained and I was. I try not to care too much because sometimes it takes the fun out. In general I thought it was a good movie.

Wow. PGA spells out my thoughts more accurately that if I’d written them.