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Spiderman 3 Trailer!




Looks like its going to be very fucking good!

God, I love trailers!


Fucken Dejavu....


Fucking watched it again, fuck fuck.


Ahhh the Venom suit as it should be.


I'm confused...is he turning into venom? I'm not very knowledgeable in the realm of comics so could someone fill me in?




No, Venom is what the suit becomes when combined with Eddie Brock. The suit itself is a symbiote. It has two origins. The classic story involves the symbiote coming from outer space and Jamison's son (the astronaut) brings it back after a mission. It combines with Spiderman because it recognizes his power. It slowly tries to take over and Spiderman has to basically battle it off. The newer version of the story involves Eddie Brock and Parker's fathers working on a cure for cancer and they create the symbiote. They realize their mistake and instead of destroying it, it gets stolen by Trask (the black guy in the new X-men movie who works for the government). It later finds it's way to Eddie Brock years after their parents die in a plane crash.


Fuck, this trailer isn't working for me. My whole exsistence depends on me viewing this trailer or not. Damn. I downloaded quicktime but it just won't play, anyone have any ideas?


holy shit, i just had to watch it twice and i'm still amazed. can't wait for this one, too bad it's about a year away. i can't wait to see if venom is actually a major player in this movie or if they're just setting it up so he can be the main adversary in a fourth movie. in the credits on hollywood.com it lists topher as playing venom but then again they didn't show venom in the trailer, just topher, maybe they're just going to hold that back.


He's in the trailer. He the one that whispers/says "Parker" looking up.


Try this

or try going through this route.



Like I said in another thread, there seems to be too much going on in this movie with the whole Sandman/Goblin/Venom thing.

The Venom storyline will probably be worked up to ie setting up for Spidey 4 with Venom making an appearance then (or in the final 4 secs of Spidey 3).

Goblin is obviously an ongoing thing and probably used as filler between the Sandman storyline.

Hope it plays out well.


That motherfucker is always bringing shit back from his missions.

Peripheral alert to other comic goobs on the forum: Marvel finally came out with a Man-Wolf figure. It's pretty damn cool (John Jameson turns into the M-W because of the moonstone, his first "great" discovery --- though not as contemp-tech as the Venom symbiote).


I'm sick of the whole Goblin story arc. It annoyed the hell out of me in the comics and now it's annoying on the screen. I hope it gets no more than a cameo in S3.

Since Church is the big star this time, I'm thinking (hoping? praying?) that Sandman will be the main story here, with addtional spidey-complications via the Venom suit.



Ahem... for those of you that think that is Venom, check out the last few posts in the original thread:


Close, but not entirely.


he actaully got the suit when he was off in this other galaxy fighting some big war with the fantastic four and avengers - he was looking for a suit because his was destroyed. he saw the symbiote slithering around in a glass jar and he released it - allowing the symbiote to drape over him.


Then there must be three different origins because the one most accepted involved Jonah Jamison's son bringing it back from space. This is also the story used on that cartoon show that came out in the 90's. I pretty much doubt they are going the Fantastic Four route with this story so that only leaves the other two.


It actually looks interesting, unlike the second one.


Yeh, I doubt they'll ever have the budget to do a full on Marvel cross-over with the Fantastic Four, Spidey, Blade & X-Men vs Goblin, Venom, Carnage, Sandman, Electro & Doom.

Ah shit, that would be fun as hell tho!