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Spider Lunges



Ok...I tried these and they are killers. I guess it does depend on hand placement, but they seem pretty good for the arms... I think that the arms will usually be (I hold them tucked) like when doing very shory ROM one arm push-ups (for which I now train on the Smith-Machine :D). Are they good?
Thanks, Vlad


Dude, this is one of those "just answered your own question"-situations. :slight_smile:

I think of it as a funkified version of a bear crawl (an awesome move, especially with Powerblocks).

I've played around with the Spider lunges, and I tried to emphasize rotation at the waist and taking big "steps", like I really am climbing a wall, to really incorporate and loosen the hips (that's loosen, not losen). If you feel it in your arms too (which I do as well, but more so from being statically stretched), that's not a bad thing.


Well, thanks :smiley: lol. I'm going to do these in a park. And I'll take a friend with me. Ahhh...training. And I'll also get a sand bag for Christmas :smiley: And again I'll take my friends with me.