Spider Bench vs Scott Preacher Bench

Have any of you guys used these? Whats the main difference between them? If im correct the preacher bench gives you more of a stretch at the bottom and the spider bench is more for at the top, for the bicep peak.



The preacher benches they have at the gym suck badly. I have one at home thats awesome, but thats isnt going to do me good since I train at the gym.
Does anyone have any good ideas for bicep stretch/peak while at the gym?

Your biceps should really stretch the most from incline dumbbell curls. Bringing the arms forward tends to shorten the biceps.

You can use most preacher benches for spider curls as well… Just use the side that goes almost straight down (where you are normally sitting/standing during preachers).

$500 bucks for those stations? Holy shit!

As far as both types of curls go, yes you can use the preacher bench for both types of curls. just use the flat side for spider curls and the angled side for preacher.

the biggest difference in these two types of curls is going to be the point of overload that each one provides. the preacher bench will provide maximum resistance about 1/4 of the way up the range of movement. while the spider curl will provide maximal resistance exactly half way up the curl.

the spider curl will have a preferential ability to maximize recruitment of the long head simply due to the fact that it is stretched more. but recruitment of both heads can be created on either exercise simply by using a wide grip with elbows tucked in (short head) or narrow grip with elbows flared out (long head)

hope this helps.

Love spider curls, I do them off my power rack, I set the pin really high, lean over it, pull my preacher bench next to it to hold the weight so I can reach it and curl away. My arms are killing me right now with soreness, such a great feel.