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Spicing Up the Yoghurt


Hey guys, Im new here. I should note that Im mainly a health concerned guy, but I felt it necessary to share something I figured out with my yoghurt with breakfast. I usually eat the plain full fat stuff, which, when eaten for long enough begins to taste bland.

So I mixed half a packet of crystal light in with it this morning, delicious.... Im probably not the first to post this, but I just got excited about the improved taste. Just another simple thing like adding pace salsa to cottage cheese. simple but amazing


I’ll give it a shot. I normally just drop a scoop of protein powder in.


Ive been spicing up my plain greek yogurt with a little splenda and than a few drops of vanilla extract, tastes just like vanilla yogurt with 1/3 the carbs and twice as much protein.


ya, its great. Ive never tried the protein powder idea either. Ive found that sometimes adding specific ingredients to my cottage cheese or other dairy products enhances the creamy texture and makes em taste delicious


Greek yogurt + chocolate Metabolic Drive

Greek yogurt + vanilla Metabolic Drive + Superfood

I’ve been eating these combos forever. They never get old, but adding coconut oil to both also makes 'em damn good(er).


+1 for vanilla extract.

Try making tazitki sauce from scratch. It’s simple to make. I love it with my veggies, burgers or eggs.


I like to throw in some canned pumpkin (pie filling) and cinnamon, maybe a little nutmeg. If I wanna get realy crazy I’ll dash it with some cocoa and sugar too.



I like to sprinkle some Metabolic Drive on it with some blueberries added in. Maybe a dash of vanilla extract like previously mentioned. Don’t buy the pre-made crap with already added fruit, they usually put in a ton of sugar with it. Just hook it up yourself.


I like to throw in half a cup of oats with some walnuts, hazelnuts - etc. Add some chopped fresh fruit such as kiwi, apple, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, watermelon… to my low fat greek yogurt.

High calorie, healthy, non-cheat, cheat food!



try this out…yogourt(vanilla) + oats + half squashed banana + mct + about 30g of your fav protein

tastes amazing!!! good small meal


Plain yogurt + Chocolate/Vanilla Metabolic Drive + Peanut Butter + Milled Flax Seeds = Delicious!