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What would some of you guys recommend to put on your chicken breasts to give it more of a spicer taste. I’m in the mood for something with either a spicey cajun taste, or a spicy mexican taste…And i’m not talking about hot sauce. I’ve been using Lemon and pepper, but after awhile you get a bit bored with that…Or if you have any other ideas plz let me know… thx

Creole is the way to go!!!

try Mrs. Dash-Extra Spicy

Try out Zatarain’s Blackened Seasoning. It’s a little salty, but if that’s not a problem for you, then you’ll love it. Chef Paul Prudhomme also makes a good blackening seasoning in his “Magic” series. You can find them in your supermarket’s spice section.

hmmm. If you like it hot go with some cayenne, and for a mexican flavor Cumin is signature amongst us, to get even more festive eat a jalapeno along side your chicken like I do; these yummy little guys have more vitamin c than an orange, and are very, very low in cals. enjoy my friend

Salt, pepper, lime juice and chilipowder. Give it a shot. Some times I will use a little beer or tequilla.

Try a blend of 5 parts Chili powder, 1 part cumin, and 1 part ground cilantro

Hell ya! Thx alot guys. I was gettin tired of the same ole thing every day. I will definately give some of these a shot.Thx again!

I personally use Cayenne pepper. It adds a pretty spicy zest to chicken.