Has anyone seen the movie sphere? Can they explain it to me. I had seen it when i was about 14 so I didn’t understand it. I was wondering if it was worth watching again.

I thought the book was great, I think the movie was decent from what I remember.
:slight_smile: Groove

Saw it just a couple years ago. Didn;t make any sense to me either, at 37.

not worth watching

The sphere was an alien invention. It freaked people out who went in it. To get it to go away, you had to forget about it. Everyone made a pact, held hands, and forgot about it together. The sphere lifted off and went into outer space.

The sphere granted total power to anyone who was in it. They were omnipotent. Wether or not this was only in the user’s mind is still up for question, but it seemed to me that it didn’t matter. People realized that this was happening at some point.
Now put that together with Michael Chriton’s view that humans are inherently evil. The characters in the story realized this and grew terrified - not of aliens - but of themselves. They fled to the surface to escape themselves.

At least, this is what I remember of the story. One of my favorites though :slight_smile:

i agree, great flick.imo

There are playing it on TV right now, forgot what channel. I’m sure they’ll run it a dozen times.

I read the book, but I haven’t seen the movie. From what I remember about the book, at the end of it they all made a pact to give up their powers… but I don’t think the woman went through with it, because she was still attractive after the rest of them had forgotten everything about the sphere (and given up all its benefits).

Yeah, maybe because Sharren Stone will never be unattractive.

Bobo, read the book. You’ll get it. 'Nuff said.

Book good, movie suck.

nephorm: forgot about that twist! I guess he was prepping for a sequel. I’m glad he didn’t go through with it.