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SPF Nationals 2014 Write Up


So full write up from start to finish. Wound up cutting to 218 no problem felt great nothing but water loading. Full day of fluid and food and weighed 230 morning of meet.

Squat: Screwed my self here. Opened 560 and attempted to go wide and sure enough hip just wouldn't allow me to hit depth. I hit about a inch high and flew out 560 was a paper weight literally bounced off my shoulders. But only 1 white light. So, Sam had me move my feet in to see if it would help and 560 sunk and flew up 3 whites. Problem here was that whether it was my fault or spotters I was told I was "in" and set the bar down and the right side was not in the catches. This forced my shoulder down hard and heard a vicious pop and instant burning and tingling in that arm oh, and yes for any one who follows me this is the shoulder that is already constantly fucked up. Third attempt went 585 to be safe was intensely painful to even get the bar on my back. I am squinting from the pain in my shoulder the weight was light and I had 600 or more no problem today. I know I left at least 20 pounds on the platform. But I honestly don't know if I could have concentrated with the extra weight pushing down on the arm. 25lbs meet PR

Bench: This was actually not horrible. Getting set up and pulling my shoulders back for a arch was extremely painful but the weight pushing into my shoulders once it was in hand was actually a relief. Opened 315 3 whites, 330 3 whites, 340 I got 2/3 white lights. My left ass cheek came up slightly so I forced the right one down into the bench to hide it from other judge. 15lbs meet PR. 5lbs all time PR.

Deadlift: This was pure torture and had me in tears after my first attempt from the weight pulling my shoulder down. At this point I could barely even raise my arm with out intense pain. But none the less 550 smoked, 575 smoked and pulled 600 so fucking close to lockout I calling it a PR hahahaha. Def no whites on it but to be that close at the end of meet after a insanely tiring and painful day I have to say I hit it at least in my heart. 575 was a 10lbs meet PR.

I ended the day with my Total goal even though I missed my Squat goal and ended with 1500 @ 218 Junior. I had a great time and basically hung out with Sam Byrd, Brandon Lilly, Tee Cummins, Mark and Dusty Miller and a ton of other awesome guys all day.


Good job Reed. Your hard work has paid off. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I'm in that same boat man. Getting it done like you did is a testamnet to your heart for the sport.


Reed, nice meet. It looks like there was a lot of pain. Pretty ballsy sticking to it. Any idea if there is any long term damage?

I see that you switched to conventional from sumo. What motivated that? Do you think it's a better fit for you?


Thanks man means alot. Was def a hard fought victory for me


Thank you. As of right now not sure. Shoulder is def swollen and pretty hard to move but it is not in a ton of pain today unless I attempt to raise my shoulder like I'm trying to shrug. Will give it a day or so and see if swelling goes down. If not will see a specialist.

As for pulling Conventional I def do not think it is my best fit but my hip wouldn't allow me to get into position for sumo so I Will be using it for awhile though.


Badass man!


Hopefully it's just a stinger or a really bad cramp, aka, heal on it's own. Where was the meet at?


Thanks Dt79.

It was in Manchester, Tn yesterday.


Nice meet Dustin. Saw that bar mishap, hope it's not going to be a major deal. I wasn't sure you were going to be able to continue but was glad you did.


Thanks Lil Power. My shoulder is feeling much better today still very stiff and notciably swollen but I can atleast move it around and let it just hang with out it being in some seious pain. I probably should have called it quits hahaha but I was not gonna leave with out a PR on squat atleast. Ill keep you guys updated on it and hopefully it wont require any serious medical attention. You did great by the way you were extemely impressive as always.


Reed I think you do this already, but for those reading that even think you have shoulder issues. Consider getting / using a Safety squat bar. Yeah I get that they are expensive. NO WHERE NEAR as expensive as my shoulder surgery and the 12 weeks of rehab afterwards and missing out on OT at work, because I was at home broke dick. I got kick ass insurance and my bill was still several grand. INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH guys. If you train at a gym and can't lug around a SSB consider one of those Top Squat deals.
I get that most on here absolutely love this shit. That's why we fuck ourselves up doing it but take it from those who have walked this painful road. If you wish to do this sport for as long as possible, use every training tool available to extend that career. If that means squat briefs to give the hips a break, using a belt, knee wraps / sleeves, wrist wraps, slingshot / Ram, bands / chains, whatever, USE THEM.

anyways, a few ramblings from a 1/2 beatdown old fuck trying to help y'all succeed better in this game.

Keep us posted Reed.


I agree fully a SS Bar is a absolutely great tool. For the next few weeks aleast most of my training is going to be with a SS Bar and Front Squats to give it time off. Which works for me any way considering the reason I miss Squats has to do with my upper back folding. So if I hammer those 2 things Ill be working my main weaknesses any way in my Squat and DL so should pay off in a PR and better shoulder.


Hey man, just want to drop in to congratulate you on your 1500-lb total. Hope you get your shoulder cleared up soon.


For some reason can't see video but will congratulate you on a manly effort anyway. :wink: Good luck with the shoulder.


Trying to repost for you punnyguy and others for some reason I just noticed that I have not been able to see the video either. Thank you for the comments and support.

Update as well shoulder is still fucked. Hurts quite abit and swelling is still pretty noticeable. Hurts mainly when I let the arm hang to the side. How ever I have increased range motion in it that I have not had in a very long time. Going to give it just little longer before tapping out and getting medical attention.


Damn. When I hurt my right shoulder after a fall it had that increased ROM as well and it stayed that way after it healed up. It's actually stronger on overhead now because of that lol. Anyway, maybe there's a bit of silver lining in it for you. Just hope that shit heals up in a timely manner.


Dude I am in quite a bit of pain and it cost me a 600 squat and Pull but if it means in a few weeks I can bench and maybe even incline with out pain for the first time in over a year I'd do it again lol. So ill def keep fingers crossed


Way to fight through the pain, great work


I don't want to derail the thread, but why when Brandon Lilly got injured using a combo rack everyone jumped all over it saying a mono lift is the safer more practical approach. But now, no one has brought up the fact a moveable supporting system may not be the safest idea there has ever been.


I personally don't think the mono is to blame for what happened to me. My injury was partially my fault and partially for the spotters saying I was in when I was not. I talked to Brandon along with his wife and Sam Byrd for a good hour this passed Saturday and even Brandon will tell you it was not the combo rack that caused his injury more so that walking out, being unwrapped and it essentially just being his knees "time" had most to do with it.

With that he said that he will not do another walked out or unwrapped max attempt again. The mono allows for much more protection when it comes to what you would think would be injured in the squat. Safer set up and the ability to catch the weight with the safety chains. As where what happened to me could have happened with a Mono, Rack, or Squat Stand. You don't normally see a shoulder injury associated with squatting hell I was already done when the incident took place.

I am not saying that the mono is the be all end all but it is safer than a combo rack but at the end of the day when you have 400-1000lbs on your back accident can and eventually will happen.