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SPF National Meet Results


Meet results (yep for an old 51+ year old)
Best meet ever though...my main 2 goals, get my first squat passed instead of waiting until the 3rd as I had been doing last 2 meets and total 1200.
Weighed in at my lowest weight yet, 145.4, I did a water cut but as usual I seem to always over do it. I competed multiply of course...but still playing in the Open class.
460 squat
330 bench (PR)
435 DL (PR)
1225 total (PR)


You were a beast as always


Holy Crap! That is impressive.


Great work. Pulls were super smooth and looked awesome.


Strong lifts!


Awesome meet!


You've got your lifts so dialed in. Wow! Congratulations you Skinny Minnie!

Curious how much your numbers vary from single ply to multi.


Well you're certainly strong. Nice job.


Thank you all, it really was my best meet yet. After lifting for 10 years and suffering through a bicep injury where I now have my bicep tendon anchored into my bone, it's really nice to know if I train/diet correctly, I can still make gains into my 50's.

Snap, my last single ply meets weren't good, think gear didn't work/fit well. My raw strength has increased (at least bench and DL has, too scared to squat without briefs, lol). So I'm thinking having the raw strength go up and learning the multiply gear better is the key. Love this new Inzer SDP, allows me to really widen my bench grip w/o any pain to my shoulders, so of course, less ROM = bigger press :slightly_smiling:


That was great to watch. Congratulations.

It's interesting about increasing raw strength having carry over to geared. I've always thought that myself. I find I'm strongest when I've been training raw for a while and get back into gear. My challenge is balancing the two. I find the more I train in gear, the more worn down I get but if I don't train in it enough, I don't have the technical ability. Do you have any recommendations?


This is motivating! Can't wait to see you back at the gym!


Hi Ouroboro, I try to lift in gear every 4 weeks, I was in my shirt more often this time because it was brand new and I needed to break it in some. I do always wear my briefs though even for dynamic squats and pulls (unless it's a day to do conventional pulls). I think I did find what throws my squats off in a meet. They usually have a Bulldog or Mastadon squat bar and it's much thicker diameter than the squat bar we normally trained with, and with straps up, it's hard to find the sweet spot. So I need to train a couple of times somewhere they have a thick squat bar in gear.

And Chris, it was nice to get back in the gym, better get moving...my total is catching up :slight_smile:


You have excellent numbers from that meet. It's inspirational to see you have the precise work in here and you know your tolerances so well. Now I want to work harder.


Thanks GV! It's taken years of learning myself and then a few more to actually listen to it, lol....but I haven't given up trying to play with the younger girls yet....