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SPF Longhorn Classic/07Apr12


Who's planning on lifting? I think I may get a small group together and try to come down and wreck some sh*t!

It's in Carrollton, Tx @ American Indoor Sports . Anyone?



I'm considering doing that meet, but it depends on how busy I'll be at that time.


I think I should possibly be bringing about 5 lifters..... Which weight class would you be in, brah?!??!


242's if I don't bother to drop weight. In the off chance I'm tickled to drop weight, I'd be competing in the 220's. You?

Would I be correct in assuming you're located in Texas?


I'm 204 now, so probably the 198's.... I hate to drop weight so, if I am any higher, I will just lift in the 220's. I plan on competing @ 220 next year anyways. Gotta get bigger!!!

Yeah, I'm originally from Ft. Worth and currently deployed out of Wichita Falls. I should be back in the next couple months. My brother still lives in the Arlington area. The other guys will be military and I may even try to bring a girl down to represent.