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SPF Grithouse Classic Write Up


Been debating on writing about this one as for some reason I am highly disappointed in my self and the out come of this meet. Even though I managed to hit a PR in every lift and total.

720 felt great
760 felt great. Little slower than wanted but felt ok.
804 felt like air on my back. Hit the hole, passed out trying to reverse dumped the bar and smashed my band up pretty good. Either way ended with a 20lbs PR.

370 easy
403 felt nice little stick at top. First ever 400 Bench in a meet.
418 missed off chest. 18lbs PR

580 easy
623 easy
644 missed hand came open just at lockout. 13lbs PR with 623. Missing 644 caused me to miss my 1800 total at 220 :-(.

Instagram Instagram video by Dustin Reed • Sep 3, 2016 at 7:40pm UTC


Awesome lifting man! I have never understood how some RAW lifters squat a lot more than they deadlift :grinning:


Beastly, nice job man. Are you aware where you are ranked among the 220's?


I think the beard is helping.


Squat is 16th currently. But not sure about rest.


Lol Sam Byrd is my coach and training partner so apparently the way he teaches you to squat is amazing but deadlift not so much hahaha. But honestly I don't train my deadlift at all. May pull from the floor 2-3 times a year. All I care about pushing is the squat.


I'm amazed how you can squat that much with a wide stance raw.


You must be some sumo wunderkind. Just how the fuck do you sumo pull that much with so little practice?


Strong ass legs from squat


Good to see you back here, man. Thanks for sharing your progress, very inspiring.

I agree, funny how some of us can squat far more than deadlift and vice versa. All in the leverages and in what we train, I guess!


Do you still get coached by Amit too ?
Beeing ranked 16th is amazing :open_mouth:


Only way I have ever squat to be honest haha. Any closer and I lose a lot of leverage.


Honestly no idea. But, I honestly hardly ever do it but, it just always is there I suppose.


Thanks man. Mind you my squat is 16th my total is probably lucky to make the top 50. As for Amit yes. We are actually starting a 12 week offseason phase this coming week. He will be doing my diet and programming. Up until now I have always done my own programs so we shall see how working with someone with pretty different ideals than me works out. But, I have faith in him more than any one else.


Top 50 means you are one of the 50 best powerlifters in the world and that means you are awesome.
How much did you increase your squat per year ? Example:
2010: 400 pound
2011: 600 pound
2012:650 pound
2013: 700 pound
And so on ...


Just watched the videos. I'm amazed how easy you've made a max-effort deadlift look, although I suppose that's because your legs are so strong that grip is a limiting factor moreso than leg and/or back strength.

Keep up the great work, man.


January 2013: Discharged from the military and met Sam Byrd. Began training with him and I had in his words "the shittiest squat he had seen." I was squatting roughly 365 in wraps.

November 2013: my first meet. SPF Record Breakers I squat 500 in my first meet.

May 5th 2014: I squat 600 for first in my garage.

July 2014: Made 600 official on platform

November 2014: SPF Record Breakers I squat 650. Began working with Amit week after.

June 6th 2015: Squat 700 at grithouse 2vweeks out from my meet. Missed 700 on platform c

December 5th 2015: made 700 official on platform SPF Gritmas Classic.

Then September 3rd 2016: this meet squat 760 missing 804.

If I manage to squat 800 by November in gym I will have unofficially added 100lbs per year.


Impressive progression ! Congratulation !