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SPF Alabama


Saturday, I will be lifting in the SPF Alabama state meet. I plan to open at 675/425/500 in the 220s. My goals are 700/455/575.

Is anybody else lifting at this one? I know there are a few more SPF lifters around here. If so, what are your openers/goals/weight class?


yor numbers there are SICK.....but dont you think your squat and bench openers are a bit close to your goals? thats just my .02


Thanks man. My openers are all easy, I just set my goals conservatively. They are actually my planned second attempts, just in case something goes wrong.


I'll be competing at the Nationals and the Worlds later this year.

My goals for this year are 700/520/700 in the raw men's open 275 or 259lbs class

that's a huge squat you have there for only being 220. i'm assuming that's raw.


where is this, i live in Alabama and would love to compete in some powerlifting.


LOL holy shit no! I can only hit 550 raw. If those were my numbers, I'd be up on PLwatch with Ernie Lilliebridge!

Hope I get to lift at Nationals, maybe I'll see you there.


It's at the Powerhouse in Albertville. Where are you located?


I have a couple training partners lifting there. I wish I could come out and watch, but I can't make it that day. Good luck!


I'm planning on hitting up the nationals in May. Looks like we might have a small T-Nation crew there, fellas.

If that AL meet was a little farther south, I'd be there.

Good Luck!


I'm in Auburn.


Thanks guys!

and jerm, You should check out SWAT gym in Auburn if you want to get into the game. I know some plers who used to lift down there, so I know its at least pling friendly.


Cool, yeah my numbers are about average I guess, I focus more on the bodybuilding side of things as opposed to powerlifting but theres something just undeniable about the pursuit of raw strength. I can bench 315, DL 475, and squat 455.


Yeah definitely. I started out with an interest in BB myself, but realized I like being strong better.


Don't know if anyone else on T-Nation was there, but here is my meet report and a link:

I should have hit AT LEAST 1700, so not a good meet for me. I have handled 700 several times in training, but it wasn't in the cards today. It was a useful experience though, as this was my first full meet that I didn't bomb. At least I have a total now.
1600 total@ teen 220's (SPF Fed Record)

1-675, 3 whites
2-700, got out of groove
3-700, bar started rolling, spotters took
-left ~50lbs on platform here.

1-425, threw into racks
2-425, threw into racks again
3-425, 3 whites
-left ~40lbs here.

Deads(pulled raw):
1-450, smoke.(opened low to ensure total)
2-500, smoke.
3-550, no go, got over the bar too much.
left ~50lbs here


awesome job Bro!! and being a teen too.. damn!! i feel old.


sorry i found this late, where is abertville?

(i'm in t.town)

and SHIT man, you're strong as fuck.


Congrats, good lifting. I'm pleased to see Jesse finally got a Forza bench for the platform at SPF meets. We was using some no-name bench for a while- thin, slippery pad- not so nice.


I believe it was a "chubby".

At least thats the bench he brought down to our meets.

Good liftin' brother. Congrats!


Yo thats all good though, you posted a nasty ass total for a teen....I know it didnt go your way too much but your squat is just unrivaled dude. How did 2nd and 3rd compare? smoke show?


Nice job. And as you said, now you have a total to build off.