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spermicide on condoms

Ok, what’s your opinion? I read the article that says they got estrogen compounds… bought a box by mistake…should i chuck them or use them? (12 pack)

You’re kidding, right? Nonoxynol-9 is not going to hurt your ‘gains’ unles you’re planning on drinking it in large quantities. Chill out.

I don’t know about the estrogen but it stings like hell when you explode (orgasm).

What you should be more worried about is if you or the person you’re sleeping with is allergic to the stuff. Seems to be a pretty common condition, so have some back up, and ask her before you put it on.

I’m allergic to the stuff, and it makes me break out and get a sore. And that is a seriously plainful injury.

I’ve used them with no problem. No stinging, no bad reactions at all. They’re no different than reg. rubbers man. Chillax. -D

If Defex’x boyfriend doesn’t have a problem with them, they must be allright.

Birth control foam makes my tongue numb!