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Spermatic Cord Pain


Just finished my 2nd week of this cycle: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/Murkusmaximus#myForums/thread/4883989/

woke up this morning with a slight pain in my pelvic region going from my left testical up my spermatic cord.

Is this a major problem?
stopped taking nolva/clom lastnight still on AI.

-Thanks for your input


My buddy had a similar pain and it turned out his testicle cord or whatever had gotten twisted. If it continues I would go see a doctor ASAP, if you let it go long enough (and it is in fact a twisted testicle) they might have to remove it.


First, why are you still taking an AI after PCT has ended?

Second, go see a doctor. There are a few things it could be, none of which can be determined over the internet.


Im still taking AI because Im still on cycle. I was only taking the nolva because I thought I had a gyno scare turns out I was just paranoid.

The pain and swelling is almost gone now
But if its still bothering me today Ill go see a doc


If I do end up going to a doc, do i mention amything about my cycle?


Ah, I thought I read that you were finished with the cycle. You wrote finishe dwith 2nd week, sorry


The pain could be related to testicular atrophy but maybe not after only 2 weeks. If the doc brings up anything about atrophy you may have no choice but to say youre on a cycle.

Im not sure you need to just come out and say it though. At least get the doctor's 'unbiased' opinion first.