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Sperm Recovery/HTPA Restart

Hey guys, so I am looking to get my Tests working again and I’m stuck between Nolvadex and clomid… sticky said Nolvadex. But what are your thoughts on this? Purpose is sperm recovery and then back to full TRT.

why not HCG or bio LH edit (FSH) to recorver sperm production while keep on TRT ?
sorry my mistake.

I would at least try HCG, and FSH (if you have the money) injections.

I was on HCG on trt, but sperm wasn’t strong enough… now I have stopped Test injections, I could go HCG 250IU EOD for 4 weeks and retest, but I did clomid before and it worked well for fertility.

I dunno I’m a lil lost

Sorry… dunno how to reply to both, but I put a reply above this comment for you also?

This may be a bit of bro science, but HCG / LH mostly impacts the testicles ability to make testosterone. FSH impacts the testicles ability to make sperm. Someone please correct me if I am wrong here.

Problem is FSH is really expensive. Maybe insurance would cover it?

Can’t get FSH injection it’s either HCG injections or clomid…

This should give you an idea of how effective each treatment is.

I think clomid works really well, but I don’t think it works well on TRT. That is the downside.

You could get FSH injections from Defy. I am pretty sure if you told them your situation, they would prescribe it. Again this is the expensive route, but involves not going off of TRT, and probably feeling better.

I doubt Defy will be able to ship to the Middle East, Dubai!?

You are probably correct.

Well, I’ll start off today with my 20mg clomid and give you guys feedback soon!