Sperm Production with Blast and Cruise?

hi guys
im doing cycle for years
aafter steroid cycle i do my pct and then wait to back to the normal and start new cycle
but i want to do blast and cruise for life
how this shit gonna effect on my sperm ?
i know with test feel normal but what happen to my Lh/Fsh on cruise? is it gonna be in normal range? if no …can effect on my sperm quality?any hormone need to worry for Fertility
Lh/Fsh will be normal on cruise?
In steroid cycle i always has below ranger normal of lh/fsh but my sex drive is great and my sperm look like normal :zzz:
so im confuse right now if i has great sex drive and sperm on cycle how it effect on quality of sperm

LH and FSH will not be ‘normal’ on a cruise, they will be suppressed. HCG can help maintain fertility tho

so if i do cruise im not able to be have baby?
whats happen if my testis not response to hcg?

Then you may be F***ed, but from the questions you haven’t even tried. You could also add FSH injections, I don’t know why everyone ignores FSH injections.

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You dont have great sperm on cycle. You cant see sperm with the naked eye. Your ejaculate may look normal but it probably doesnt contain any sperm since you are shut down during a cycle. If you are blasting and cruising you are shutting down your gonads due to exogenous testosterone. You will be infertile without HCG.

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so first of all using normal pct on cruise?
hcg and nolva ?
if im not response to that
try inject fsh?
can i do pct on every cruise ?so maybe my testis dont shutdown completely?
or just use this method when i needed?

Your fertility will be decreased, however it is possible to conceive while on testosterone and/or anabolic steroids. I know this firsthand and I know of others.

If actively trying to conceive, while on test, you should add hCG and or FSH.

You have to inject HCG with FSH, HCG wakes up the testicles and FSH stimulates to create sperm.