Sperm Leakage without Arousal

LMFAO. I’m running 300 E3D. Haven’t jacked it in traffic yet. But lord knows a few public restrooms have been shot up


Worst I’ve done was when I was very young (probs 12) at camp (note I don’t go to camp anymore, it seems like parents send there kids to camp as a way to get rid of their kids for the summer…) there was no privacy, so every couple days or so I’d do it in my bunk at like 3am when everyone was asleep. However it still sickens me to think that I did this given there was about 20 kids in the cabin.

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Old thread but to add something…

The O.P. Mentioned doing speed. I had seminal fluid leakage while on certain meds for ADHD (regular prescribed dose), it’s a known (rare?) side effect. Usually also while using the bathroom (1 or 2).

weird… everyone knows on cycle you gotta beat yur meat at least 5 times a day… time to pump up those rookie numbers bruh


I am experiencing the same thing. I am 29 now and recently I have taken first dose of cypo 300 and . The very second day , I got collapsed as soon as wake up and move to bathroom.
I got my blood thing done everything is normal. I didn’t dare to take second dose . But it’s been 10 days now I am experiencing other side effects. I am getting continued erection and it’s painful. I am getting semen leakage now then. It’s very horrible.
What could be the reason? What should I do now?