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Sperm Count Zero with TRT and HCG, Help

Hi guys, I’m 46 yr old long time AAS user. My wife decided she wanted a baby via IVF a few years ago so I DC’d TRT cold turkey and went through hell for a few months. I knew my sperm count was low so we went to see Dr. Larry Lipshultz in Houston who put me on HCG and Clomid for 6 months and my sperm count bounced back to 8 million. After several cycles my wife was unable to produce any eggs so as time drug on I decided to go back on TRT with Dr. Lipschultz’s recommended maintenance dose of 500 units 3 x a week.

I have been on this for over a year now. Long story short I had an old bottle of black market test that was labeled 250mg/ml that I decided to use as my PCP increased my dosage to 300mg every 2 weeks. When my quarterly labs were drawn my levels were at 1800 and my PCP nearly shit himself so obviously the black market stuff was way higher per ML than listed. He decreased my dosage and I have been back to using the medical grade test now 200mg/ml every 2 weeks for the past 3 - 4 months.

Had my labs drawn 2 weeks ago and back down to 500. Problem is I had a sperm count run last week and it was zero as my wife and I have decided to go the donor egg route. My question is how long should I go off the test altogether prior to starting the HCG 5000 units 3 times weekly as well as the Clomid 25mg a day to get my sperm production back up?

I would ask your doc about HCG with syn FSH.
HCG replaces LH which is the hormone for T production in the balls FSH is the hormone for sperm production.
Good luck. Have fun making a baby.

Just inject FSH and stay on TRT, but continue HCG. FSH is cheaper at compounding pharmacies like Empower.

FSH is a game changer!

Where are you seeing results for this compound system? I am asking because I need to start researching. My wife stated that she is ready for another later this year, and I have been on TRT no HCG for over 2 years.

My wife has some leftover Gonal F about 1450 units from a couple failed cycles of IVF. Would you suggest to use it along with the HCG and Clomid?

I don’t think You don’t need to come off Trt.

This is what my old clinic told me. Well give you chlomid+hcg for a couple months when you want to be fertile. Didn’t say anything about coming off trt .

my current trt doc (not clinic) said . Trt+hcg+FSH .

Stop the every two weeks thing. Reeesrch the boards nobody suggests two weeks. Read up on everyone’s posts and you’ll see a pattern of protocols suggested and why behind it.

If you take your blood work 3 days after your injection it will be super high. Take it end of second week before your next injection and it will be low. HCG will keep it up there though.

I would love not to have to come of the TRT but the zero analysis really worries me and I know when I came off last time I got my count back up to 8 million in about 3-4 months. I wish I had more time to experiment but my wife and I just dropped $17000 on some donor eggs that are sitting in cold storage. I’m just wondering if the Gonal F would help in addition to the HCG and Clomid. I guess I should probably get some baseline labs prior just to see what my levels are.

If you spent that much money spend another 500$ and get a consultation with a true trt doc who specializes in this. I would call DR. Nichols and he will tell you exactly what to do. Feel free to email me. My email is under my profile on this board.

There are other docs out there that are great, but I have only worked with Nichols and I’m sure he’s more than capable. Alternatively go to YouTube type in tot revolution and find the drs round table. Call any of those docs and find the consult feed.

I was on TRT for several years with no HCG before stopping. Waited 2-3 months prior to seeing Dr. Larry Lipschultz at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston who is well renowned in the area of male infertility. He took labs and sperm analysis on my initial visit and of course my test levels were in the tank but my sperm count was actually 167, 000 which he though was promising. Started me on HCG 5000 units three times a week as well as clomid 25mg every other day and after 3-4 months my count raised to 8 million. I discontinued therapy and it did drop in the months following so if you’re going to do the IVF route you may want to freeze some samples. Otherwise it may take you a year or longer to get back up over 20 million.

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Thanks for the help, appreciate it.

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I REALLY don’t want to go off TRT, so I may have to look into these FSH shots that I keep hearing about.

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I don’t blame you, I was literally suicidal so I do not advise it especially if you have used as long as I have which is 20 years.

You were suicidal while you were on HCG and clomid? Trying to conceive?

No, from stopping the TRT cold turkey. Should have seen the doc first and got the labs drawn and then drew out a plan rather than deciding on my own to stop abruptly.

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how did you feel on the clomid/ HCG?

Bro yikes that’s scary. Don’t do that haha… glad ur ok now.

The doc told me it would help with the depression but I honestly felt like shit until I got back on the test. Bad thing is you can’t take any antidepressants when you’re off since SSRI’s also suppress and affect sperm production. My wife’s shrink advised a lot of folic acid and omega-3 to help with it.