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Sperm Count and Steroids

Hi guys,

Was diagnosed with low T start of last year, Started doing TRT for a couple of months and figured, I’m on this for life why not do some cycles.

I’ve done tren a/winny/clen/test e/test p/prop

I know my sperm count is probably non existant currently as my ex girlfriend wasnt on anything and I was constantly…finishing? inside of her, with no problems. New girlfriend on the scene and in a year or so we want kids. Is it possible to have kids while doing these drugs? Would I need HCG? Or if its completly 0 is there no chance?


Reduced sperm count is probable but not likely zero. You may have just been lucky with prior girlfriend. Just get a sperm analysis done.

Like Shaw said, get an analysis. The success rate of getting sperm count back up after TRT is fairly high, so it’s possible even if you’re really low you can still have kids down the road.

If Ronnie Coleman can have kids after decades of steroid abuse and winning 8 Mr. Olympia titles, anyone can.

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I found this to be a good source of information.

Its hard to find out the actual truth about Ronnie’s children.Wikipedia mentions 2 children. Other sources say he had 4 more children in his second marriage.
I remember hearing, Ronnie donated a lot of jizz at the sperm bank. I imagine he has been the father to quite a few children, with this method. The most notable case from IVF, who’s mother tried to sue for child support(and failed). Quite possible that most of his stored jizz was pre huge amounts of ped’s.

It is possible that any recent children born post the early years could have been born through the insemination from his frozen sperm. Then again Ronnie has amazing genetics, it is still possible that he can generate enough viable sperm with his own balls(probably with the help of hcg and or clomid). We will probably never know the truth.