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Sperm Concern While On Full TRT


So I have been on TRT for about two years approximate now.

Age 27
Protocol Sutanon 250mg 1 ml, injection 62.5mg every 3.5 days, HCG 250 IU EOD, and arimidex 0.25mg every 3.5days.

Question is I am trying to have a child with the wife and I know the best way to find out if my sperm is fine is through a sperm analysis test, but I was wondering if I would need to mess with my HCG Dose/timing and is my HCG dose enough to keep my sperm strong during my full try?

Thanks in advance.

There’ only one way to find out if HCG dosing is enough for sperm production, you can always add FSH injections together with HCG to increase sperm production. No need to come off TRT.

that way is obviously sperm analysis?

A sperm analysis or your wife getting pregnant are the only two ways to confirm if HCG is working.


thanks for the help. will have one done tomorrow, it will be 4th day after the last ejaculation (heard that’s bad) and should be only 48-72 hours post ejaculation? any idea about that?

Normally your testicles make several million sperm per day, in 64 days you’ll regenerate up to 8 billion sperm. I don’t know what the numbers are for those on TRT.

I would want my tank as full as possible for testing.

64 days or 64 hours!?

When I had mine tested I was told by the doctor to not ejaculate for 5 days before the sample. This is in Canada but I’m sure it’s similar else where


Not trying to hijack this thread, but when do y’all know to use hcg? My doc would not put me on it he said if he did he would only do that and take me off test?

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My results are in… I dunno if it’s low because it’s 16million per ML or not…

Anyone knows about the below…? Low count or it’s okay…?

Your result is considered low from what I see … “normal” sperm count is over 20. That is shown in the concentration field.

Your having an idiot for a doc and you know it.