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Spent My Government Refund on Lottery


I got 120.75$ back from the government the other day from the Carbon tax up here in B.C. Canada and i noticed the 649 had hit 35million. Needless to say i won't be see that money ever again and the lady at the lottery centre thinks I'm crazy.


You only live once.
If you only win back what you spent on the tickets you'll be in no worse a situation.


Wait a minute you guys have Carbon Tax already? Please educate me why?


hey, how can i get in on that refund?


  1. Move to BC

  2. Threaten to seperate and the Federal gov't will give it to you! (sorry had to take a shot at Quebec)


you Canadians are a crazy lot!


So they can take more money out of our pockets.


Last year i spent $100 of my refund to buy lotto tickets... I won $600. I think this year i'm going with the scratchers route. Just seems more fun.


Draw is tonight and i got the refund because last year i was low income. So it was a nice 120$ surprise.


I live and was born in Montreal, Quebec. My grand parents all immigrated here in the 50s after the war. They are all italian.
Canada can get mighty cold, and so every house that was built during those times had a fireplace.
Fast forward to 2009.
There's this whole bullshit concerning global warming. Technology has advanced so we can use house heaters to keep ourselves warm during the winter.
There are talks (i think it's already in affect) by the government to ban fireplaces and burning wood in your fireplace because it causes too much pollution.
Forget the fact that in 1998, there was a tremendous ice storm that knocked the power out. Forget the fact that many people survived days without electricity because many people had fireplaces.
Nope, wood causes too much pollution so people can't use their fire places anymore.
I'm sure the electricity companies (Fuck you Hydro quebec) are really upset about this.

Check out the ice storm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfcNRWefEEU
Pretty wicked.

Fuck Quebec. Fucking french separatist cock suckers should die.


We will just leave your retarded country. every year the ''yes'' take half a percent on the ''no''

then maybe you'll take the train to MTL with your ''we love you!!'' banner. hahaha


I honestly didn't know sepperatist still existed.... i thought they all got put into homes for their own safety.


Lol. I was just venting.


lol at banning fireplaces. that's like banning exhaling, or taking a crap.


Well my Canadian friends, take solace in knowing that our great buffoonery of a president is taking steps in your tyrannical direction. I mean you live in the cold half your time and they want to tax you! Wow! Time to look at the 2nd amendment my friends. Banning fireplaces is a joke!