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Spend Time Meditating


I feel that with so much information these days that we should spend time meditating to get away from it all. I even read one opinion from a scientist who recommended that we should every so often spend a 24 hour period away from any sort of stimulus at all, even avoiding conversation and other people, as it would be beneficial to mental health. I feel I would benefit from it and am looking into all the different types. Does anyone here meditate? have you had good\bad results from it?


your first step bro, to wake up...


Do you always speak in riddles?


Hahahahaha. That was good.


I'm sure he may have some decent input, I just didn't get his point in that message!


Meditation is awesome, I should take the time to do it more. It helps to re-focus on stuff.


You learn a lot using hindsight. Imagine the things that can be seen imitating the ultimate hindsight...let the life flash before your eyes.


You still need to....


You recommended meditation, Stefano said it was the first step in 'waking up'.

Quite salient I think. You should meditate upon that.


The Master Himself




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Don't listen to the Buddhist.

http://www.nwjesuits.org/JesuitSpirituality/SpiritualExercises.html A month long plan planned out for you that has been working for a long time (450 years).


Meditating is pretty sweet, the rare times I do it. I feel mentally fresh. I should start meditating like 10 mins before bed every night.

Time to play video games before I sleep.


Is this a joke?


Not trying to derail the thread but and English man, with Quinny as his avatar...? WTF?!


Why would it be?

This thread is about meditation, so he posted a link to a meditation exercise.


London born but Irish parents. Plus I'm a huge Munster fan hence Quinlan 'master of the dark arts' as my Avatar.


Thanks. I read through some of that. I was brought up catholic but consider myself atheist now. So I'm not sure I could fully engage with this, though it does seem really interesting.


I didn't really even think of the implications upon my physique though I was aware of them to some extent. In terms of relaxation/auto-hypnosis, are there any starting points you could recommend?