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Spence Lifts Every Day

I am new here…sort of…over time i will say a bit in regards to my goals, who i am and so on. I have read t nation articles and looked at the forums now and again for at least 10 years.

But either way i just started a new program, a variation of push pull legs. I will add more later…

So I started this log back in sept…never entered anything in it. And then…part way through oct i decided to start training everyday. So far, that has gone ok. Some of my workouts have been good, a couple not so good, and most are ok. With my current schedule, my monday to friday workouts have to be programmed daily more or less…based on how much time i do or dont have. But here is my “weekend program”

Squat & Bench + accessories and a little bit of conditioning
Squat work up to rpe 8 3x3-5 back off and do 2x5-8
Bench (can only do w./ slingshot because of shoulder issues) work up to rpe 8 3x3-5 back off and do 3x5-8
Accessory work is based around hamstrings triceps and upper back and a couple times a month adding in some chest isolation

OHP & Hinge work + accessory and a little conditioning
OHP work up to rpe 8 3x2-4 back off and do 2x5
Hinge (alternate week to week between good mornings and RDL) 4x5-8
Accessory work based around upper back/side delts lats and single leg work (usually walking lunges)

So i am trying to keep my weekend training mostly based around the big lifts and getting as strong as possible. I am not a bodybuilder. I want to be strong conditioned and dangerous. What i do during the m-f part of my week varies, but i like to try to get at least 2 full body workouts during that time. So i will try to add more into this log, and mostly just my weekend stuff to show how my numbers on the big lifts are going.