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So far, Chrismcl, E~Pluribus Unum and myself are the only speed skaters that I know of on the board. Anyone else out there?

E~ is gunning for the Canadian national team (long or short track?)

Chrismcl is working on Nationals (st or lt?)

Personally, I'm not heading to Short Track Nationals for at least two years - after I go to the next age bracket. My times are pretty good, but it's pretty much pointless for me. Call me a copout, but I'd be competing against the Olympians... I don't have to tell you who's NOT going to win! laugh



Correction: I'm currently working on Nationals. When I get to Nationals and win at Nationals, then I'll focus on the US Olympic Team.

Also, how well I do in speedskating this year will most likely determine what I do next year after I graduate.

I would be in quite the pinch if I had doors open in speedskating that would lead to a career in that and I got accepted to West Point Military Academy. I'd have some major decisions to make.


I'm actually surprised that we have even 3 speedskaters here.

I actually expected to be the only one at first.


I play ice hockey three times a week. Haven't encountered anyone I couldn't catch, facing either direction.

Does that count?



Knight, I suggest you find a local speedskating club and skate with them for a session and try to hang with them.

You'll be trying to coax your balls to come back out after a humbling experience like that.

Note: Short track speedskaters can be pulling up to 3 G's at the apex of the turns.


Hockey skates make GREAT speedskaters. We have a few ex hockey people in the club. They adjust quickly to the longer blades... and if you think you have gone fast on hockey skates you ain't see NOTHIN yet!

If you can find a club in your area give it a try. We have one guy in our club that drives about two hours each way to skate with us... it's worth it!


Chris, are your times good enough to get you to Marquette? All of the accepted Catagory I skaters who are college age get free tuition while they train.

Have you gone to any of the camps in Lake Placid or in Canada?



Oh, we do that all the time, but the emphasis is more on deceleration. Body checks, hockey stops, that kind of thing.


I'd be afraid to try. Speedskating in general strikes me as an attempt to run indoors; just not enough space!



laugh that's why we turn!!!

You think slamming into boards in hockey hurts? Most small clubs only have enough pads to cover about 1/2 of each turn. Try missing the pads coming off a turn at high speed... O-U-C-H!

Not to mention that spandex skinsuits don't do much protection wise when another skater goes down with you. I'm actually very surprised there aren't a LOT of serious injuries. I was the first one to bleed from someone else's skate in a few years, and I only got a small scratch.


Michelle- Smile
I haven't been on here to much to see your post sorry.

I am a long tracker!

I will let you know as this year progresses how I am doing but I have only been on the ice 3 times since July because I hurt my back doing hack squats..... heard a pop and pinched L4 and L5.

So I wish I could be more inspireing but I am not going to give up or stop.

I am looking at this as a breather to focus on getting back in school myself and seeing Garnett (son) start school.


Just curious what kind of training routines you guys are following? Currently, I'm doing a Westside/Oly Lift hybrid program and cycling....lots of it.

I know the Westside isn't doing very much for my quads but my hamstrings are a lot weaker than my quads so hopefully bringing them up will allow my quads to get bigger and better.

michelle, I know what you mean about clubs only having enough pads to cover 1/2 or less of the boards. Last year I forgot to bring my helmet to one of our practices (retard) and so I was skating pretty conservatively most of the day and hang out at the back of the pack, well towards the end of our skate they had me take a pull and something happened where I tripped up and tapped blades with the guy behind me and luckily it wasn't me that went down but he went down and went head first into the boards where there was no padding (I'm not saying it was good it was him that went down, but better him than me because he had a helmet). He was fine but seeing that and not having a helmet that day freaked the hell outta me.

Also, trying to pivot and leaning too far forward isn't fun, it usually results in you hitting the boards back first which isn't fun at all.