Speeding Cars? Here is the Solution.


Does everyone in that country smoke?

That link is NSFW but I don’t care.

I would hit one of those bitches with my car then put her in the backseat, rape, cut her up then drop her off in the ocean.

You notice the guy talking at the end, like trying not to smile. I don’t know, I think it’d be hilarious to hit a topless chick going 80, I’d just be like LOL get outta the road dumbass blonde all you know is how to get naked and jump up and down. Shake them tits nobody gives a fuck I’m trying to get to the bar before closing, you won’t get me to slow down just for putting that shit out by the road, that’d kinda piss me off.



I just passed on a work opportunity to fly to Denmark for two weeks.

I may have to reconsider…