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I’m a prospective D-1 football player who has, in the past, been damn small (5’7 150). Recently I put on about twenty pounds (putting me at 170) and hope to continue putting on more but I have run into a problem…I’m slower. I have concentrated so much on eating and lifting to get bigger that I lost sight of maintaining my 40 time. Because of elegibility issues I cannot talk to the coaches so I ask you guys…how do I get my speed back (or get faster than I was) and continue to get bigger. I am new to the lifting arena so I am relatively nieve. In addition any recomendations as to which supplements could aid me, if any, would be helpful.

  1. Start sprinting more.
  2. Natural Glute-Ham Raise.


I highly recommend you contact John Davies, trained me to run a 4.42 from a low 4.5 and a couple high 4.4’s hand time. The 4.42 was consistent and at arena football tryouts (electronic).

But basically, make those hammies strong and make the weight gain good weight. I was also small, 5.6" 160lbs. It was good weight, but a lot of it was water weight from 10-15g of creatine I would use leading up to tryouts. When I would come off the creatine but continue training I would get down to a ripped as hell 155lbs. But no scout of team wants a tiny man.

Da Boxer

Olympic lifts and variations, sprint work.

Oh, and of course make sure your running tecnique is good, as well as flexibility (as it relates to stride length).

Send me an email.

In the last year and a half, I helped pack 40 lbs on a corner (went from 160 - 200) while improving 40 times.

Glute ham raises, deadlifts, and sprints worked wonders for me.

Your Posterior chain (spinal erectors, glutes, HAMSTRINGS) is defiantly the key, get that stronger and not only with your test times get better but you performance on the field will as well.

i would first and foremost take mr. berardi up on that offer!

I don’t know if the private email I sent worked…if it didn’t tell me here so I can get in touch with you.

Do as many hamstrings exercises you can get your hands on. Also, do lots of heavy calf raises with deeeeeeeep beginning points (the end of the eccentric phase), get as deep as you can go.

you gotta hit hamstrings hard. but main thing for a 40 is a great start you need to work on getting a great start your first 2 steps need tocover alot of distance and by the time your 3rd foot hits the gound yu should be coming up out of drive phase and crusing and you need to be on your toes to utilize your calfs you can’t be to flat footed

Dude, JB answered your post. Thank your lucky stars.

JB I am very interested and hope you can elaborate for all of us.

hang clean your ass off
sets of 10, 8, and 5s
then find some steep short hills round your house and do sets of five hard explosive reps