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Speed Work While on 5 x 5 Deadlift


Hey everyone, i am pretty new to powerlifting, been bodybuilding for a 6 years. I have gained interest in increasing my deadlift lately, and i am currently doing a 5x5 workout for my deadlift on fridays. My question is if it would be beneficial to include some speed work another day in the week, like 60 - 70 % 1rm and something like 10 sets of 2, or 8 x 3. Would it transfer to my 5x5 , or should I wait until when i am working in the lower rep range on my deadlifts.




I would suggest you pick a system or program and stick with it and not try to mix the two. There's a reason most 5x5 programs don't have you doing speed work and Westside templates with speed work don't usually include any 5x5 work. If you are doing a challenging 5x5 DL workout on Friday, it's probably not a great idea to be doing any other pulling during the week as this is pretty strenuous.


Clever words. Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling: