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Speed Work After Max Effort


Just wondering thoughts of performing speed sets after max effort sets. Example after heavy bench press 3 or 4 sets of speed bench. Tried de and me days in my routine but did nto get great results.


Makes more sense to do it before.


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Performing explosive work or speed work before a heavy lift (85-100 %) makes more sense because you want to be able to perform the speed exercise as fast and explosively as possible. Performing it after a heavy lift would seriously take away from the force you would otherwise generate.


i rotate DE work into my ME days all the time with great success. I do the DE work after ME work.


Makes more sense to do it after ME. The ME work will get your neural system fired up (I think its called post-tetanic facilitation) so that you can handle more weight or more speed on the DE stuff.


I stand corrected.


DE can be done before ME or after.. you'll get a nice effect either way.

ME very much stimulates DE/ballistic movement, and in the same respect, DE/ballistic exercises definitely have a positive effect on ME lifts.

sprinting after ME is very effective.. ;d

REA squat definitely stims the hell out of my regular squat..



Isn't the performance of dynamic explosive movements after a ME movement the basis of contrast training?