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Speed vs Strength


Which is more important in a fight?

Let's say we have - Mariusz Pudzianowski vs MMA fighter kenny florian.

One is huge and immensely strong, the other is a very skilled fighter , quick but at 155lbs is small in comparison.

Who would win?


Ok, if you havnt read the other posts, we figured out your troll job. Bravo, good start, but its over so please find a garbage disposal you can stick your hand into. Thanks.


Who gives a fuck about your shitty question, this one is better:

Who wins, Densel as Hurricane or Will Smith as Ali?

I'm going Hurricane. Mainly because Will Smith just doesn't have that killer instinct that Washington has.


Will Smith as Hancock or Denzel as Frank Lucas? <--- The REAL question


Speed and strength are inseparable. A man who accelerates his limbs faster produces more force. The bigger guy who is slower relies on the mass side of the force equation. Which person is ultimately physically superior depends on the degrees of the differences in speed and size. Assuming that the big man is reasonably athletic, I think he will have the advantage in the end. Mark Felix takes Floyd Mayweather .


who would win in a fight

Bowser or Pikachu?

Shotgun or SMG?

Gladiator or Apache?


Come on,dude. This thread did not merit a serious response. This is answered way too often in Combat Sports forum.. There are no exact truths to any of this in regards to fighting.


Drunk Hancock, or near his "wife" Hancock?


edit: Didn't know he was a troll.


Bowser. Pikachu cannot capitalize on Bowser's only vulnerability- getting jumped on.
Shotgun. Dude.
Apache. No cowboy ever shat his pants for fear of riding through gladiator territory.


I agree with this.