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Speed Training


Been reading some of the Westside articles and noticed 'speed training' is mentioned quite often.
Perhaps this is a stupid question but does this simply mean lifting (and lowering) weights as fast as you possibly can? Assuming you must use low weights doing so.
What is the benefit of doing this?


Yes when you do speed training you lower the weight and lift it with as much explosion and speed as you can. This is to work on your explosiveness.


Thanks firebug.
One more question: What is a recommended rep/weight ratio? I've seen ranges of 40-60% 1RM and 8-20 reps.


Unless your goal is to become a human piston, you can lower the weight with normal speed. And your question is not stupid. Not to make a question when in need of help, that would be stupid.


nice quote


go to authors on the left and click on dave tate, then read periodization bible and the 8 keys. You will get a good understanding of the westside principles, including dynamic effort training.


The speed training is used by westside for bench box squats and occasionaly deadlifts. Triples are used for bench, doubles for squats, and singles for deads. The general recommendation is 60% of your max for multiple sets of few reps. This in combination with heavy max effort training is a proven method to get you strong and fast.