Speed training.


Im a rather skinny martial artist studying wing chun and i am looking to improve my physical ability, specifically speed and penetration power (Please, no jokes ;)…

The only routines, and techniques with freeweights i can find for martial artists on the net seem to be the standard 3x10 routines with some calisthenics and some snippets of bruce lees work (great but seems outdated)

While i am working my way through the articles section i would like to ask directly, what can i do to be more explosive? Powerfull?


Look at Staley’s website, myodynamics.com. He was an MA, and a good one at that, and he has some good articles on training. I got em, but you’ll have to go get em yourself.

On dave tates site Elitefts Tom M goes requirements for punching power. It was pretty thorough so I’d definitely check it out

Hey squattin600, I had a look for the article that you mentioned but i couldnt see it. Is there any chance you could post a link or give a better idea of where this article could be found?