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Speed Training Tips?

I run a 4.72 40 at a 202 lbs bodyweight, but I feel there is a lot left in the tank. I’m far quicker laterally than linear and a ton of strength especially relative to my bodyweight. I’m a strong safety. How do I program for this? plyo programming? form tips? Any tips, especially track background people.

This works great…

How tall are you and how fat are you?

What are your current bests on the big basic lifts (squat, deadlift, bench, row, overhead press, clean, pull-up)?

Pretty much any program from Joe DeFranco, Jim Wendler, or Dan John that has you drop fat and build strength. Those guys know football training, and many of their “non-football” programs should carryover plenty.

Are you on the track team or the football team? Don’t lose sight of your actual goal. And while we’re on it, what is the actual specific goal? Running a 4.5? 4.3? A quarter-second faster than the other safety on the team? Just “faster” isn’t a goal, it’s a vague idea.