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Speed Training for Rugby Player?


Im a very keen rugby player. started in the front row for my county and have got myself playing in the back row. I’ve managed to get myself faster and more mobile using a range of programs and different forms of training such as plyometrics. can anyone recommend any training programs or methods to increase my acceleration out of the blocks?


I tried to post it but it seems to have gotten caught in a spam filter or something. A coach posted some sprint training programs on reddit. Just look for Sprint Training Program for r/fitness, and it was posted by CanCoachR. The best thing to do is simply practice sprinting, as a lot of speed is technique, and sprinting is already a plyometric activity, so you’ll get some of those benefits too (and regular plyo is not easy to do properly, everything has to be done very carefully). They are based on short to long, which I think works better for improving speed, especially acceleration. Thejy also have very long recoveries, this is based it’s to improve speed, not conditioning.


Additionally, don’t forget SAID. As back row you’ll spend a lot of time going 5-20m from various starting positions (scrums, trucks, athletic stance, ground), so the majority of your sprint training should be there. Occasionally you’ll end up with a pop pass and free range to really hit top speed for 60-100m, so don’t forget it. You should also work plenty of deceleration and direction change drills to hit those wily fly halfs.