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Speed Training for Football

I need a workout routine designed to increase overall speed on the football field…Any suggestions?

Squats and milk.


unless your going to list details about your current state, the most anybody can really say is run some sprints squat and eat right.

You may have to gain weight for your position, lose weight for your position. Lose weight to run faster, get stronger to run faster, get more reactive strength more flexibility.

With all the details you listed try a standard program like DeFranco kelly baggot or any of the other gazillion on the internet. but keep it to ONE program at a time, and isn’t this football season? your not going to build too much during the season.

im just looking for a training routine besides DeFranco’s

Watch lots of game tape on your next opponent every week, at least 10 hours. Knowing where the play is going will let you play faster.

Work with your track team’s sprint coach to learn proper running technique.

Condition your ass off so you are playing as fast in the 4th quarter as you are on the first play of the game.

Those 3 will make the biggest difference in your playing speed.

Good ole starts, bounds, broad jump, etc. would be a good place to start.

[quote]Chaz23 wrote:
im just looking for a training routine besides DeFranco’s[/quote]

DeFranco’s works. Why do you need something else? Pick up a book on football training or contact some local high school or college coaches and see if they have info they can give you.

It’s all pretty basic. Weights for strength and size. Specific skill/speed work for your position. Various agility drills. Some basic conditioning to replicate the game (sprint, rest, sprint, rest).