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Speed Training - Articles, Tips, Etc.


Any good articles or threads on this site about speed training? I'm trying to get faster looking for resources on the subject..


Go to Charlie Francis' site. Joe DeFranco's is also good. James Smith at the EFT site is a great guy too.


Joe DeFranco, Kelly Baggette, the Parisi school stuff is good too.

I think that those three concentrate most on Sports speed rather than just a fast 40. Kelly's stuff in perticular is awesome.


Kelly Baggett's is good also.... all of these will give a breadth and depth to understanding...


let me 2nd (or 3rd) kelly baggett


i am doing a kelly baggett program right now actually, great stuff


Kellys most recent article covers speed development. check out his site


The Vertical Jump Development Bible
Kelly Baggett

Anyone seen this? Worth buying or can you get the same information through his articles?


I second that? Thoughts? I'm very interested in the Defranco/Ronney Vertical jump book as well


i really enjoyed kelly's vertical jump bible - nothing revolutionary, but a great read none the less. the program section of the books was very good.

i'm not sure if he still has the deal where you also get the body comp basics book when you buy the vertical jump bible, but i think that the book body composition basics is also a great read by kellyb (especially if you are a beginner)