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Speed & Strength Routine Opinions Please


Hi, long time reader, new poster.

I'm an indoor soccer goalie (it's big in my town) and require good explosive energy for short regular bursts.

Also need to keep general weight training up as I am naturally slim. 182 cm, 83 kgs now, at around 16% bodyfat.

Have been weight training in various forms for around 2 years, current max singles are:
Deadlift 170kg, Front Squat 115kg, Power Clean 85kg, Bench 110kg, OH Press 65kg.

My current weekly schedule involves:
Monday lunchtime - interval cardio
Monday evening - Front Squat, Hang Clean, Bench, Romanian Deadlift, Abs
Tuesday - 3 soccer games
Wednesday evening - Snatch Grip Deadlift, Lunge, Weighted Pull Ups
Thursday - rest,
Friday lunch - interval cardio
Friday evening - Push Press/Military Press supersets, Front Squat (light), Barbell Row, Good Morning
...rest weekends.

I tend to run 5 x 5 for my focus (first lifts) and 2-3 x 6 - 10 for my others.

Main problem has been slow recovery, and regularly missing Friday sessions due to this.
Logic suggests cardio on different days to weight lifting I guess.

I need to keep the interval cardio where it is, my weight lifting times are flexible as I have a platform etc at home.

Have been thinking of splitting my routine into:

Sunday - Hang Clean, Front Squat, Lunge
Monday - Interval Cardio... Barbell Row, Bench, Abs
Tuesday - Soccer
Wednesday - Snatch Grip Deadlift, Romanian Deadlift, Good Morning
Thursday - Push Press/Military Press, Pull Up, Abs.
Friday - Interval Cardio
Saturday - Rest

...by shortening the sessions and separating out the upper and lower body intensive exercises somewhat, I hope to help my recovery time.
Diet is great, but I don't use any products apart from whey.

Just to iterate, goals are explosive speed, muscle maintanence, recovery.

Sorry about the novel...

Any suggestions/opinions on this would be greatly appreciated.


Your exercise choices are ok I personally would have an athlete on a simpler program and maybe only 2 strength days especially if recovery is an issue. Also, if explosive speed is your goal then more emphasis on the power clean and I didn't see box jumps anywhere. So instead it might look like this


Power clean 8x2
Squat (whatever variation you prefer)3-5x5
Bench/row alternating


Deadlift (whatever variation you prefer)
Press/pull up alternating
Box jumps

You can throw abs in whenever and you can do 2-3 workouts per week. Just be careful by trying to improve at too much at once you only have so many resources so emphasize what is most important imo. good luck


Thanks for the suggestion.

as last week I've adjusted my routine to:

Sunday Evening: Snatchgrip Deadlift, Military Press/Push Press 3+2 supersets (heavy), Weighted Pull Ups, Ab Rolls
Monday Lunch: Box Jumps (20 minute session), gentle cardio
Tuesday: Soccer
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Hang Clean, Front Squat, Bench Press / Bentover Row alternating sets, Ab Rolls.
Friday: Box Jumps 20 mins, Interval Cardio 20 mins
Saturday: Rest

Felt pretty good the first week. Will be alternating Max and Dynamic effort between Squats and Deadlifts each week. Perhaps I shouldn't be maxing my SGDL fortnightly, but it's relatively low compared to standard Deadlift.

And like you said yes I try to acheive too many goals at once - had to REALLY force myself not to add extra exercises in haha.

The Box Jumps were horrific the first attempt - really draining. But good. I feel these will have great carryover to my sport.

The reason I do Hang Cleans rather than Power Cleans is my technique is average off the floor, and I enjoy the low drop of Hang Cleans.

Thanks again.