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Speed Strength & Max Force Correlation


Ok so 3 things I'm going to lay out before the actual question to limit the "internet experts" from taking this away from the legitimate people helping me on the issue

1)If you are just some guy who knows a guy who knows a guy, who told you this, and not an actual strength athlete or a boxer who's antiquated coach told you weight training is bad, and you want to enlighten or "educate" me, just stop because chances are your wrong.

2)This is not meant for Hypertrophy and no 8-12 reps is not what I'm doing

3)Refer to 1 because I'm sure people are going to ignore it.

Ok so I do MMA and Muay Thai, and am currently fleshing out my new weight training program to do away with strength/speed cycles. So the question is this, is there any reason not to mix the two cycles; doing sets for speed strength, (Using 55%-65% of your 1RM) and doing sets for absolute strength (5 x 5 of 85% of your 1rm), that is to say if you do 2 sets of the desired movement for neuro-muscular and tendon training and the 5 for strength. Will they interfer with each other or will they build off each other ?


There was just an article about how to use explosive movement to build speed and strength on here not long ago. You might look to find that article.

From what I understand, having read extensively about weight training, and having tried many things myself. They're not mutually exclusive. But you obviously get better results concentrating on one then the other.

I'm currently doing 5x5 with an explosive movement on the last three sets and it's helped my muay thai extensively.

Usually strength and speed are cycled because it's just plain more effective. But hey, might as well try to mix them. Do it for a month and see for yourself.


Alright thanks, just wanted to make sure it had actually been done and its not a waste of time.


Well, just because you came up on here like a huge arrogant douchebag, let me say that NO ONE on this board has ever said that "weight training is bad." Many of us just feel that too much time in the weightroom will inevitably end up affecting your skill work.

That being said, if you're so fucking smart, fix this shit yourself and don't come up on here looking for advice.


Actually, its people like you who's advice is next to mud. I actually only want people who know what they are talking about to answer my questions. And hey if someone ask a honest question I'll try to steer them correctly or not answer it, not give them some bullshit advice. Oh and I'm not arrogant, I simply don't humor retards, your attempt has epic failed.


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Talk to Alpha. He is a MMA fighter who keeps a log on here and is built like a brick shit house.


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OP firstly I should say this:

You're wrong to start this ball slapping contest with Irish. He's a guy who's been in the game, from what I understand, a long time. Also next to xen I've found him to be one of the most knowledgeable fighters on here.

The article I was speaking of is this:


it isn't exactly what you were asking for, but it runs along the same lines. There are other articles on here as well, just can't think of them. You should explore some of the older posts on this board there are some questions people ask about training programs that might help.


It is what it is Beer, if I see bullshit I call it.

Anyhow, thanks man for the link.

And before Irish starts camping again, I am done with this thread lol


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