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Speed Strength And Circa Max

Are there any speed strength and circa max or other phases i could use for bench and deadlift? i am a Westside training addict, I know.

Dave Tate mentions these phases for squatting but never for other lifts. Remember i have iron woody bands, not jump stretch. Info on these phases wanted. Thanks

Well, on the one hand the Westsiders use only mini-bands with bench, whereas they’ll mix and max light avg and strong bands for squat. So my bet is that they dont circa-max their bench because they cant mess around with the band tension on bench with the same ease with which they can on their squats.

HOWEVER - the whole firggin point of Westside is experimentation and people finding out what works for them. So why don’t you give it a try? DOn’t ask me how to set it up though, I’ve only been lifting westside a few months and I feel I am not yet advanced enough to start circa-maxing. Hell, I squat 445 at 198 so i feel I’m not even advanced enough to squat with bands. Just chains for now.

Hey, 445 at 198 isn’t that bad. My best ever is 605 at about 220. But it’s gotten worse.

Thank God somebody finally realized that they should continue to bust ass instead of automatically switching to bands. Like Chuck said that he worked out for over a decade without bands and continued to make gains. Bands are great but they are not the end all, be all.

I wouldnt even concern myself with a circa max phase for bench, deadlift or even squat for that matter.

Go to Elitefts.com and ask Paul Childress. I believe he utilizes a circa-max phase for the bench, but most of the guys do not.

I think the circa max phase for the squat is great if you are a highly advanced lifter. In preparation for the last meet i did, the circa max helped alot to help my squat go from 800 to 903 @275. However in the bench i would normally advise against it. I know Paul does a CM phase for bench, but i do not know if he benches in a straight line or in an arc. We at southside barbell as well as most of the guys at westside have switched from straight line benching to the tuck and flair style of arc benching. If you used CM type tension this techniqe would not be possible. Overally the tuck and flair arc benching is much more technical than the straight line benching and excessive tension would just screw it up. Hope this helps. I also think it would be no good at all for the DL.

I used a circa max for my bench a couple contests ago and it worked great. I have not heard of a circa max for deads. It would probably be too hard on your lower back.


like ogurad said a lot of people are going ot the metal militia style in the bench if they know how to use a shirt for shit it makes benching much more complicated technique wise but is by far the best approach to the bench press…if your going for a huge shirted bench and want to use bands what we found is to use heavy band tension on boards before you do your shirt work…espicially high boards 3-4-5 …for the high board work before shirt work we at my gym have used up to 300 pounds of band tension for the 4-5 board work…also another way to incorperate heavy band work is zero momentum benching wich is a new technique used by metal miltia…rb