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Speed Stack + Bulking?


I was wondering if taking a fat burner like Speed Stack would hinder my muscle gains while trying to bulk? I was thinking of taking it before I workout but after a P+F meal. It would give me some needed energy as well as help minimize my fat gain... That's what I'm thinking anyway?

Any suggestions or comments?


I doubt that taking an EC stack, which is what I assume is what Speed Stack is, once a day will have a significant effect on your body fat level, although I don't see a problem with using it as a pre-workout stimulant as long as you can tolerate it.


So the Speed Stack won't help minimize fat loss in your opinion? How about deter me from gaining muscle?


Can't answer your question exactly, but I'd think that something like Hot-Rox would be better in this case since it can actually help you gain muscle. Then again, it would curb your appetite too. I'd say to save EC and Hot-Rox for dieting only on second thought. Use "Massive Eating" guidelines to minimize fat gain while bulking. That makes a big difference.


When you say Massive Eating guidelines, you're talking about 3-4 meals of P+F with 3-4 meals of P+C right?