Speed Squat %

I was reading in elites dynamic squat booklet that a lifter who doesnt use squat suits should use higher %'s on speed day. What are everyones feelings about this?

I think this is all individual, anywhere from 50-70% can be used, but the most important thing is bar speed. Suit or no suit, if you try 70% and your slow as shit off the box then you gotta drop the weight down.

What you can do is do you regular 8 sets at 50% then do a few singles with 60 to 80%, seems to help my strength and speed alot.

Binford has a good idea. You will want to work up after speed work every now and then when you feel good. You could also do 2x2@50%,2x2@60%, etc up to 8 to 10 sets. I think for beginers one should go with higher % in the 60-70% range, then as you get stronger and more experienced you can bring the % down, but the key is explosivessness…