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Speed Pull Method


Those of you who do speed pulls, or HAVE done speed pulls:

How do you structure your set/rep scheme?

I'm gonna dip my toes back into dead lifting and in about 3-4 weeks will be progressing to speed pulls.

Typically I have done 15x1 with maybe 5-10 seconds between each 'single' rep. This method was given to me by the guys at Cressey Performance so I do trust it; but I am just curious to what works for other people as well...


10x1 with 50-70% of max with chains draped over the bar.


6 singles @ 60-70% of max with bands over the bar tensioning at or above max at the top is what I've used.


I've done high pulls progressing to low pulls with either just bar weight or chains. Typically for triples up to singles with 60% of my max.

Edit: This has been when working with a known single rep max of 650+-.


That is an interesting method. Have you seen results from it and also what load should be used?


8x2 w/ 50-60% of my next meet goal


50%-60% 6-8x1-3 with either chains or mini's


Pretty much what everyone else does.

8-10 sets of 1-2 reps with bands, chains, or naked.

Weights between 50-65%.


thanks for the info guys. i don't really know my max anymore so i'm just going to guess what it might be and lower the weight 15-25lbs. I'd rather be too low than too high with stuff like this.

my last heaviest pull was 485 with 2 sets of chain on each side for 2 sets of 2. so i'll go from that and figure that since each chain is 14lbs the total at the top is about 540lbs. 40% of that is about 215. So maybe I'll do some naked 225lb pulls and see how that feels for 8 singles and consider adding some minis or chains if things feel good.


I'm no pro, but I did a lot of speed pulls in Max Strength. Focus on bar speed rather than weight used. If you are slow with x%, use less. Hope that helps


i do 50%-60% waved over 3 weeks about 6 sets of 1 after my max effort squat.


I was going to say something along these lines. Setting it a certain percentage is just a guideline- but if you find yourself to be a little slow, dont be afraid to back off the weight/bands/chains. The goal is speed with proper technique.

Oh, and Hanley, how are you incorporating speed work into your 5/3/1?


I do all my pulls as fast as I can- everything from 135 on up. Sometimes, I'll go lighter pulls without going up to a heavy work weight. When I do, the approach is usually clusters of three (not really "sets" because I'll reset between reps), pulling from a small deficit, with each rep yanked as fast as possible.

My "sweet spot" for these seems to be right at 495-515 or so- with 545-565, the first rep usually feels slow and with 585-605, all the reps feel kind of slow. I have done these with bands, but since I am going for lots of speed from the floor, I usually prefer to use a heavier bar at the bottom without the top-end overload.

While I partially do these speed clusters to keep my speed up on max pulls, it's mostly a weight/volume budgeting necessity because I am saving my mojo for pulling heavy the following week or I just squatted heavy and I am too whupped to do full-range heavy pulls.


When you guys do your speed pulls.....do you just crank out a single, then hang around for a little bit? Or do you do a single, take a breath, do another....

I used to do it the last way I talked about, but I think I'm just going to take a min or two between pulls this time around.


Out of habit, and in the interest of training appropriately for speed I take a few minutes in between sets whether its singles or triples. The body moves quicker when it has time to recover.

If your %'s are low enough you can probably shorten the rest though.


when doing speed pulls i only rest 45secs but i don't have any reason for doing this other than thats what they do at westside LOL


5/3/1 lift
speed pull 8x2

I always pull better when I'm doing speed pulls and Pendlay rows, I've added both back in so hopefully my miserable deadlift starts to pick up!


6x1 @ 65% + tension
we put dumbells on every side of the OL platforms and put purple bands over the bar and loop them. its a hell of a lot of tension at the top without really overloading the CNS.
and to add onto to kerley, we do that too. theres normally 2-3 of us deadlifting so first guy will pull and as soon as the bar hits the next guy is getting set up and pulling. it takes about 45sec-1 min of rest for each person. just gets the blood flowing IMO