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Speed or Plyometric for Type 2B

Hello coach CT,

I am a type 2B and I am a middle distance runner. How would you recommend speed training or plyo, if any, be implemented into usual type 2B workouts? (frequency, volume etc.)

Thanks a lot!!

I recall you stated it would be best for type 2B to reduce Max strength works to once every other workout. Should plyo and speed works receive the same treatment or simply reducing the total contacts per session would be enough?

You must have misunderstood… 2Bs cannot do neurological work that often. What I said was that if they do a heavy session they should take the next day off.

A 2B should rarely do “real” heavy work (more than 90%). An yes, plyometric work will have a similar (but not as profound) impact on neural recovery.

A2B should have one heavyish and one explosive session per week, with a day off afterwards.

Thanks for the clarification! Would alternating intensification phases with accumulation phases with the following settings works to improve speed for 2B?

Intensification: functional hypertrophy with short plyo session before a leg workout

Accumulation : typical bodybuilding type workout

As for plyometrics, is it OK to use the same exercises and set/reps protocol with focus on techniques and shortening ground contact time?

That sounds ok

There is no such thing as a “typical” hypertrophy workout. Meadows’ workouts are drastically different than Scott Stevenson which are very different from Arnold’s for example.

Furthermore you can use hypertrophy parameters, but you still have to have an athlete mentality of training important muscles for your soort first and foremost and not spending training energy directly on muscles that won’t do much for you.

Thanks a lot coach! Very helpful advice here

Would you say metabolic conditioning workouts like gbc are more beneficial for performance as an accumulation phase than hypertrophy based workouts like gvt? Or that both play essential roles?
As for explosive sessions, other than plyo, would Olympic lifts be too neurologically demanding for 2B? Otherwise, are there any program suitable for 2Bs looking for speed development?