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Speed Off The Floor

What are some good methods for developing speed off the floor in the Axle clean and press, and the tire flip?

Latly I have been using High pulls, Snatch grip and Clean grip, for sets of 5’s


Have you tried developing more strength from the floor? Maybe deadlifts standing on a 3-4" platform using clean or snatch grips. then for speed you could use a 3-4" platform and do speed pulls with varying grips. Just a suggestion

I hear Olympic lifters avoid dead lifts because they’re so taxing on the body that a person can’t recover from a pulling of the ground workout with deadlifts as fast as they could recover from pulling off the ground workouts that use the exercises you’ve listed. From their prospective dead lifting inhibits speed off the ground.

But ever person who trains for strongman deadlifts. And the events you want to get better at are strongman events and not Olympic lifts. And a good deadlift is done fast.

I think if you did some lifts from standing on a low platform, like a plate or two or some low blocks, then you could get better speed off the ground by increasing your ROM in ground lifts and strengthening the weak part of your lift.

Deficite work for sure get stronger in the bottom. lifting kegs and stones helps, zercher DL’s etc