Speed off the floor in the deadlift

I have a problem with deadlifting when i start my lift it goes kinda slow, but after the first 4-5 in it goes up a lot easier. What type of execise could help this? or more spacifically what exercises work the first part of the pull? Rack Pulls? or maybe low rack pulls?

What type of training and exercises are you currently doing?

If you are utilizing Westside training, here is a q&a that is from elitefts.

My sticking point is the floor. I can complete any deadlift if I can get it off the floor. What assistance exercises do you recommend? Thanks

Lots of lower back stuff. All kinds of Goodmorningss as main ME day exercises. For assistance work do rev hypers,ham glutes,dimels. The GMs are the key for you. As those go up, so will your DL.

A couple I’ve used in the past:

DL to knees - stop at knee, hold 1 count, lower and repeat.

DL standing on blocks - I use an aerobic step, but anything that gets the bar touching the tops of your feet when you start works - pull from there.

Agree with offroadbiker, deadlifts from a 4in box will do wonders.

Are you resetting the bar between your reps? If not and you are just touching down and then going again you will be utilising the elastically stored kinetic energy from the preceding eccentric phase of your deadlift and this might be why you find it easier to do the remaining 4-5 reps.

If so, to improve you need to break the eccentric-concentric chain, reset in between your reps, let go of the bar or totally relax your grip and set yourself again. This will be alot harder for a while but you will improve your strength off the floor.
If you’re already doing this just ignore me! Hope this helps.

Dynamic deadlifts with bands for high set singles would really help you explode “out of the hole” as well.

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by 40mins huh?!
The quick and the dead lol. Don’t even know if its right yet!

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No, we don’t know yeat but thats a great observation.

You are 1)slow and 2) weak in the low back. Pull only singles for speed at 40-60% and work on GM and deadlifts with a snatch grip off boxes for sets of 5-6.

Speed off the floor?
Does anyone actually yank the bar off hard?
probably not the best place to explode a deadlift from a leverage point of view. I’ve always slowly built up force and crack it off the floor before putting on the boosters

I dont think he’s talking about explosiveness Cool. I think his movement is slower down at the bottom then it is from the knee up.

Slow bar speed = weak. If you were strong from the floor that portion of the DL would be fast.I think speed deads should only work on technique.Some people have to deadlift to have a good deadlift- I am one of them- that’s what I use speed for. Bands and chain dl’s, block pulls, GM’s and reverse hypers just as suggested.

I yank it off the floor as hard as possible. When the weight is heavy it wont actually move fast but you get the idea. Cracking it off the floor is a sure fire way to leave it on the ground.

Slow does not equal weak. If that were the case we would never have to do speed work. Slow equals slow. It can be trained just like strength.