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Speed Kills


why is it that guys in the gym insist on going mach 5 when working out?i see it every day,i try to tell people to slow down and let your muscles do there job.your not going to get bigger by seeing how much momentum u can get going.its like they need to impress everyone with how much they can lift, but if they where to take a look at them selves, they would be one of the people they them selves make fun of.its not how u look in the gym people its how u look when u leave the gym. so lets try to slow down lighten the weight a bit and feel your muscles working and see better results faster as well.


Explosive lifting is good.

If those guys are doing explosive or dynamic movements with a lot of wieght, they are some strong mofos.

You see, there is this movement called powerlifting. It's basicaly a bunch of guys who are trying to become as strong as possible, and don't care how they look, unless it's moving 600 lbs.

It's prety cool. You should try it.


really never heard of it.does it work, tell me more.
there is a big difference between explosive movements and sloppy form.powerlifting or not.and the guys im talking about are not powerlifting.they are out of shape people trying to lift more than they can, or should be.and not making any progress


You complain alot about guys in your gym. Maybe you should find a new place to train, perhaps a Kids R Us?

Fast lifting recruits more high-threshhold motor units. Dynamic training is a big part of sport-specific training. Get over it.


Check the Authors list under Chad Waterbury. He explains the modes and mechanisms better than I ever could. I can tell you this though- It does work.


Are you joking? Maybe we should make other blanket statements about every person on the board...

Sorry that I explode on the push in my box squat, god forbid that you actually have to move fast to be good at a sport. I like the title of your thread... it's so true, which makes it more bogus that you're bringing it up.


Lifting explosively or just plain fast is great for muscle development. As long as it is controlled and the right muscles are being stimulated, you can make great gains with it.


When i do db bench I'm pushing my 70lb dbs as fast as possible but it looks like a medium pace.So all those people going slow but really pushing fast should go slower?


this is true and i think u said it a bit better than me, CONTROLLED BEING THE KEY WORD.I LOVE EXPLOSIVE HIGH INTENSE workouts as much as the next guy.but when your curling and your not bending your elbows and your swinging so hard your shoulders are getting more of a work out then there is a problem. unless u like to use the wrong muscles everytime u work out.as long as u get bigger,than have at it.

dont get me wrong guys im not trying to bash on the hard working guys or girls in the gym. its the ones that lack form and concideration for others while working out.
i was to see everyone get bigger or what ever there goals,and i try to help as much as i can when im there.


i guess i should change the name of this to speed kills when sloppy form is involved , thats more of what i was going for. im new at thig comp thing . fast is good, slow is good, but fast and sloppy is not good, go as fast as u want as long as its controlled.thats all im saying how is momentum going to get u bigger,and yes i know there is a time and place for controlled cheating to promote growth.


lol i was at kids r us the other day. i think u where there getting some new d.b's. why is it. that u find the need to bash on every one on here.thats not what im here.im here to get good advice and give advise,or opinions.not to feel like im back in h.s debating with the wantabe know it alls.


you should learn to type before you post on a forum