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Speed Demon June 12, 1998

First of all I want to commend you on one hell of a job for bringing fitness magazines and fitness web sites to another level…

I am a personal trainer and now I can finally say there’s a magazine or web site that I can recommend clients to go to an not laugh at it or call it Muscle and fiction ect… And I am considering in subcribing to test…

I would like to comment on the article on Speed Demon back in 1998 I read it and I disagree with it. not toatlly but mostly I think blacks are faster just because they paticipate in Sprinting, Running back ect… If what you are saying is true then why aren’t they faster or hold any records in the 50m fly or freestyle swimming… I just think that more number of partication of a race will give more results…

Asain don't participate in Sprinting but they have in swimming 50m and 100m and they have excelled in the sport. Same with the USA how many African Americans do you see on the US swim team if there is any. And how many are in track and feild the whole team practialy...

I think the article is false aspect there is one race that will dominate in a certian sport but I don’t think that is the case… I believe we are who we are and what we do cause or success and failure… So if I want to be the fast man in the world I got to train like one or I want to be the next Curtis Martin or Marshell Falk I got to train like them… You are who you are.

I mean no disrespect, but I’m having difficulty determining the point of your post. Please review your post for clarity, punctuation, and spelling, and make a point. We try to be educated meatheads on this board. Or maybe you’re one of the rednecks that the “Speed Demons” article warns about offending at the outset. If that is the case, nevermind. I understand.

Stop trying to change the issue. I think you might be the racist.

And the issue is???

you sound like a fucking idiot. sorry. what was the point of your post? also, unless you are talking about 12 years old and younger swimming, there is NO 50m fly! the only 50m event after age 12 is freestyle. dumbass. why the hell you try to compare track to swimming when you have no idea about swimming?

Your post is summed up nicely by the fact you are a personal trainer. That’s very unfair to all the intelligent trainers who happen to be stereotyped because of people such as yourself, and especially unfair to those trainers who read T-Mag. Did you even read the article properly? If you did, you obviously ignored everything it said. The article clearly examined the physiological characteristics that generally make blacks faster than whites. Come on mate, wake up.

no asians in sprinting??? you better check the latest “world” rankings for juniors 18 & under. 7 out of the top 15 are japanese. as a matter of fact, every event (under 18) is now dominated by the chinese,japanese, and koreans,
in both the men’s and women’s events. sounds like somebody is getting ready for the 2008 olympics in bejing.

first of all to all I am not a Rasicist in fact I am Asain… are you guys even reading into what I wrote? Swimming and running are vertually the same although add with some resitance in the water. and in swimming there is more shoulder joint motion and in running more knee joint and elbow motion. I just saying where there is a massive amount of people particining in one sport the law average wins always not because one race domainates the other. THIS WAS NOT A RACIST REMARK I just feel that people should train and be the best that they can be and not because ONE GROUP OF INDIVDUAL IS STRONG THEN THE OTHER… You are your own strengh and only you know wheather or not you can accel in any sport.

How can you possibly compare swimming and running? I would think that the complete lack of impact and force would make swimming quite different from running. Not to mention the fact that elasticity of muscles has much less effect on swimming then it does running.

Swimming and running are not the same thing. Swimming requires you to float. African Americans have a denser bone structure than asians and whites, making swimmin more dificult.

swimming and running are completely different. Swimming is non-weight bearing, running is weight bearing. I competed in both swimming and running, and other than the aerobic conditioning, there is zero carryover between the two sports.

i run a 10.8 100m and despite several attempts, i can swim only to save my life.

Silas. If you’re going to participate in this Forum, there are certain rules that you have to abide by. 1. Spell correctly. 2. Use decent grammar. 3. Make your point in a logical manner. (Not doing these three things is insulting and will get you flamed and/or ignored - as you should be.) 4. Support your argument. Saying something like “Swimming and running are vertually [sic] the same” without giving any supporting evidence makes you sound like a fool. Swimming and running use different muscles, involve different body positions, and for that matter take place in different mediums. Why would you say that they are the same? Because both activities involve muscular contraction? If that’s the case, I guess ping-pong and caber tossing are “the same”…

Finally, to answer your original (I think) question, ko's point about structural density (it doesn't apply just to bones) differences is valid. It may not make swimming more "difficult", but being heavier per cubic whatever does tend to slow you down in the water - as opposed to running through air.

Tomas n Thekan just proved my point! thanks…


Genetics play a roll in athletic success. Had I devoted my entire life to being an Olympic 100 meter hurdler, I’m certain I would be very disappointed right now! I have pretty decent genetics for powerlifting, but very average genetics for many other endeavors.

True, work has a lot to do with the success of elite athletes, but genetics plays a part as well. And there is nothing racist about this…we are not all identical. We are different people with different skills.

Also, I have a suggestion for you. Please compose your posts in a word processing program and run the spelling and grammar checker prior to posting. You’re lack of intelligence reflects poorly on our sport and on us. Thanks.

I agree with the rest of you that Silas needs to work on spelling and grammar. However, his post was not so unreadable that I could not understand his point, which is a very good one.
I also happen to disagree with the article he refers to. Unfortunately, no one in the U.S. will fund a study to determine the effect race has on athletic performance because they are scared of the possible outcomes.
If any of you knew anything about basic genetics you would realize that there is more genetic variation within groups than between them. If people of African descent have a higher percentage of fast-twitch muscle fibers then why do Kenyan runners dominate distance events? Why don’t Africans dominate powerlifting?
Claiming that one race is superior in sport has been going on for a long time. In the 40s and 50s it was said that Jews excelled in basketball because they were masters of deception. Who believes that now?
Any idiot who studies sport will quickly realize that fitness levels are negatively correlated with economic status. This is why the ethnic group that makes up the majority of the lower class will usually dominate in sport.
Stop blindly following the popular beliefs of the time and look into things for yourself.

go ahead and train like Ben Johnson or Carl Lewis if you want to, but your still not gonna be the fastest man in the world.

Okay guys here are why a 50m freestyle is the same as a 50m dash sprint… They are both an anaerobic activity which use a great deal of fast twitch muscle fibers.

Now the diffrence in the two sport is that joint muscle that is moving… You use more hip flexors, hip extensors, and shoulder rotation in swimming and in running you use more knee flexion, extension and elbow flexion and extension. Those are the basic diffrances…