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Speed Deadlifts

I’ve been following Sheiko for my deadlift routine for 8 months. I really want a change and i think speed deadlifts will help, as well as i can work on my form while doing these.

With that said, i have no idea how to implement these deads in my routine (i deadlift once a week, every wednesday)

Reps, Sets & Percentage etc.

thanks in advance!

Speed deadlifts are typically done at 40-70% of 1RM with 1-3 reps per set for 8-12 sets. Rest is kept short.

The one thing that I have noticed on speed deadlifts is that, at least for me, it’s more important to focus on staying tight and not letting the hips rise too fast. If I just think about going fast, my hips rise too fast, I put more stress on my back, and I end up straight legging it. It might be that I even finish the rep faster this way. The important thing is to ingrain the pattern for a proper deadlift.

I agree w Silyak’s guidelines, though I’ve never experienced raising my hips too fast.

As for how to incorporate them, based on the traditional conjugate model per westside, you’d do a second DL day 72 hours after your first. If you like having one DL day then I’d suggest trying two alternates

  1. alternate speed dl weeks w heavy dl weeks
  2. do the speed as part of your warmup, but w a lower-than-traditional volume. So when you get up to about 60%, stay there for 4 or 5 singles, then continue working up to your top set. Explosive pulling should prime you for a good heavier pull

Sweet. Thanks for the info.


Wednesday: Heavy Deadlifts
Saturday: Speed Deadlifts (50%, 12 sets of 3, 90sec rest?)

Should i build up to a 1RM speed set?

So something like this:

set 1: 40%, 3 reps
set 2: 40%, 3 reps
set 3: 50%, 3 reps
set 4: 50%, 3 reps
set 5: 50%, 3 reps
set 6: 60%, 2 reps
set 7: 60%, 2 reps
set 8: 60%, 2 reps
set 9: 70%, 1 rep
set 10: 70%, 1 rep
set 11: 70%, 1 rep
set 12: 70%, 1 rep

25 reps altogether.

would 90second rest be too little? or is that ok

I wouldnt do 12 sets of 3 unless you were waving your volume and wanted a high volume - or super-high - week. 6-8 sets if you’re doing triples, 8-10 w doubles, 8-12 if you’re doing singles. That’s just a guideline, you can look up “prilepin’s chart” or “prilepin’s numbers” (can’t remember which) if you want to be anal about it. The important thing is, are you pulling FAST for all reps of all sets?

w regards to building up to a 1RM speed set … If I’m understanding correctly, that’s not how I would do it, but it may be worth a try. Again, does it cause you to pull faster/more explosively?

I just like variety, and i also love pulling singles especially when its fast and explosive.

As long as im lifting fast and explosive, it should be all the same right? assuming i’m not under-training. - im not a believer of over training. Aside from that 25 repetitions seems legit for a speed session?