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Speed Benching


When it would be acceptable to have a "speed bench" day?.

Would it make sense to cycle a speed bench day in place of a regular bench day?. Example: 2 weeks of speed bench and then 2 weeks or regular bench.

Or would it also be a logical choice to do some speed benching after your regular bench work?.

Sorry for the noob questions. Im somewhat new to the powerlifting type of training.


DE days are usually in a westside barbell type routines.


Add DE work if you are slow, and moderately advanced. If you have good speed, and a low bench, time is better spent with rep work.

If you are going to add in speed work, do it first while you are fresh, and then follow it with some DB's or change grip/incline for some rep work. And yes, cycling it will keep your joints feeling better.


72 hours after a ME Bench Session


LOL. I'm not sure that's what he meant.


Ok thank you.

That is the type of answer I was looking for.


Wow dude, that fucking wins.

Good job.

But don't forget the empirical rule of 60%...although since we are talking about powerlifters and not olympic lifters, it becomes the empirical rule of 30%.

And squatting is 80% posterior chain and 20% the quads I think.


Modi is exactly right.

Trying to adapt techiniques meant for elite lifters with elite technical issues, so to speak, will not help with a beginner or moderate lifter all the time if ever unless you, in this case, are really slow and its probably more of a strength issue than anything.


I didnt think having a speed day was obsolutley critical honestly.

But should the need arise for a speed day I want to have at least some knowledge about it.

With that said I think I will just stick the same old doubles and triples.

Once I get back to a better gym back home I will start to supplement my bench with some heavy floor presses/other heavy triceps movements and see how things go from there.


What about Prilepin's charts?